Monday, November 9, 2015

Rolling Stone: StandWithUs Refutes Roger Waters' Comments on Israel

In an interview with Rolling Stone earlier this week, Roger Waters attacked the pro-Israel organization StandWithUs, accusing the organization of being "an arm" of the Israeli government.

The response from StandWithUs

StandWithUs is an independent non-profit organization founded and headquartered in the United States. It is not, as Roger Waters claimed in his recent interview by Rolling Stone, "an arm" of the Israeli government. It is run by American citizens who are concerned about the rise of misinformation, discrimination and bigotry against Israelis and Jews – a trend which Roger Waters unfortunately plays an active role in perpetuating.

Waters' history of racism includes projecting the Star of David (the universal symbol of the Jewish people) onto a pig during concerts, waxing conspiratorial about the "Jewish lobby" and making slanderous, dehumanizing statements about Israelis. Waters also wholly ignores violent racism against Israelis by Palestinian political and religious leaders, and whitewashes the murder of innocent civilians that follows this abhorrent incitement.

He may believe that he's doing this with the best of intentions, but it is up to the Jewish community, not Roger Waters, to decide whether or not he has engaged in anti-Semitism. In fact, his words and actions fit squarely within the U.S. State Department definition of anti-Semitism, which includes demonizing Israel (like when Waters compares Israelis to Nazis), delegitimizing Israel (like when he erases Jewish history, rights, and indigenous roots in the land of Israel by labelling them "colonizers") and applying a double-standard to Israel (like when he demands cultural boycotts against Israel, but not other nations with plainly far worse human rights records).

Furthermore, as a leading spokesperson for the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) Movement, Waters promotes an agenda that undermines hopes for a just peace between Israelis and Palestinians. BDS actively discourages cultural exchanges between Israelis and Palestinians, effectively seeks to censor Israeli artists and has been overwhelmingly condemned for promoting violations of academic freedom. BDS's ultimate goal is the elimination of Israel and the violation of Jewish rights to self-determination – just ask their co-founder, who has said that "we oppose a Jewish state in any part of Palestine." Indeed, the core of BDS is not reasoned criticism of Israeli policy, but rather the notion that Palestinians can't be free without turning the Jews back into a stateless people.

Those who oppose censorship, support academic freedom and want to see a just resolution to the Arab-Israeli conflict have a moral obligation to oppose the bigoted movement known as BDS. People of conscience should support Israelis and Palestinians who understand the importance of mutual recognition, mutual respect, co-existence and self-determination for all peoples.

StandWithUs calls on Roger Waters to look more deeply into this age-old conflict, its root causes and the pain and suffering on both sides. We hope he will stop perpetuating a destructive agenda that singles out Israel and its supporters for vitriol, while hurting Israelis and Palestinians alike.


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

"StandWithUs calls on Roger Waters to look more deeply into this age-old conflict, its root causes and the pain and suffering on both sides". speaking for myself i call upon waters to go to gaza and be with his beloved hamas. or option B would be for him to go clone himself so he can go &%$# himself.

Mike L. said...

I do believe that this is going to find its way to Israel Thrives' front page by some time tomorrow.

Who wrote it?

Roz Rothstein?

Dr. Mike?

Dusty said...

I believe it was written by Roz