Saturday, November 21, 2015

Native American Zionist Activist Ryan Bellerose will be in the SF Bay Area

For Immediate Release
Media Advisory / Interview Opportunity
Native American Zionist blogger Ryan Bellerose will be in the SF Bay Area
Available for events, meetings, interviews
Who: Ryan Bellerose, Native American Advocate for Israel
When: November-December 2015
Where: San Francisco Bay Area
Why: Ryan is an outspoken advocate for Israel, offering an indigenous perspective on the Jewish homeland and Jewish peoplehood. He confronts anti-semitism and anti-Israel bigotry with well-researched information. Ryan is working toward promoting Israel as the model for an indigenous people reclaiming their ancestral homeland and establishing a nation-state. Ryan is empowering both Jewish and North American indigenous peoples by explaining the commonality of indigenous struggles worldwide, and specifically Jewish struggles for self determination and how it applies to the global indigenous struggle.
Ryan Bellerose is a Métis from Northern Alberta. His father, Mervin Bellerose, co-authored the Métis Settlements Act of 1989, which was passed by the Alberta legislature in 1990 and cemented his land rights. Ryan founded Canadians For Accountability, a Native rights advocacy group, and he is an indigenous rights activist. He has been active in the Human rights community in Canada for several years as well as working with youth both as a volunteer and in paid positions. Some of the advocacy work he has done involved assisting to remove corrupt tribal governments and he has been heavily involved in several groups advocating for indigenous rights around the world. Ryan has worked as a drug and alcohol counsellor at a recovery centre in northern Alberta, a youth counsellor in his hometown, building ice bridges in the far north of Canada, a substitute teacher for elementary, junior and senior high schools, a heavy machine operator, pipeline worker, a Security contractor, a wildfire firefighter, a GPS/GIS consultant, and as a business analyst and account rep at a major telecom. He is an avid athlete who plays semi pro tackle football during the summer for a team that has won 9 provincial and 3 national championships in 12 years. Ryan believes that effective advocacy is the key to making tangible changes and that maintaining culture is imperative for indigenous people even while getting more education. He is also a founding member in the Calgary United with Israel (CUWI) organization. Ryan is a self-proclaimed Zionist. Ryan has had several articles published in newspapers around the world on the subject of indigenous rights and their importance and has been blogging on a wide array of websites including Indian Country Today Media Network,, Israel National News,, and has appeared in Jerusalem Post, Toronto Sun, and many more.

Some of Ryan's publications:

History Matters: 5 Myths About Israel

Israel Palestine: Who’s Indigenous?


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

this looks interest! and finally someone who understands what the concept and definition of indigenous. as opposed to the Jew hating leftists and jihadist who like to refer to the pali squatters as the "indigenous people". all historical, archeological and Biblical proof to the contrary.

zaba said...

Welcome Ryan!!