Sunday, November 2, 2014

Saudis rejects poor quality Palestinian olive oil

Aw.  The Saudis have  rejected 20,000 cases of Palestinian olive oil

From Ma'an

NABLUS (Ma'an) -- Saudi Arabian authorities refused on Wednesday to allow 20,000 Palestinian olive oil containers through the Jordanian-Saudi land borders for “not matching the Saudi specifications.”

Muhammad al-Barqawi, one of the Palestinian olive oil exporters, told Ma'an that the Saudi government refused to allow 15 vehicles carrying olive oil into Saudi Arabian.

Al-Barqawi said the oil was tested in the Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture laboratories before being exported and that they fit all international standards.

He said that the Saudi Arabian authorities have been holding the vehicles, carrying more than 300 tons of Palestinian olive oil, since Sunday.

Al-Barqawi pointed out that Saudi refused to allow the oil after they tested quantities from the bottom of the container; “since the oil is fresh it always leaves some sediment at the bottom and that is what they tested.”

He added that Saudi Arabia has been importing Palestinian olive oil for 40 years.

I'm sure its not going to be a total loss.  Since they haven't cared about quality up to now, maybe Paul Larudee and the ISM can re-bottle it in one of their infamous bottling "parties" at Grassroots House, on Blake Street in Berkeley.

Got love the extra special ISM labels, too.

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Gary Fouse said...

I'm sure the Palestinians would have better success importing their high quality suicide vests.