Sunday, November 30, 2014

Remembering the Jews Expelled from Arab lands

Via Emunah:

In Israel, November 30 is now the national day of commemoration of the forgotten refugees, the Jewish expelled from Arab lands and Iran.

In 1948 close to a million Jews lived in  the Middle East and North Africa, calling these lands their home since the Babylonian captivity.  

Jews in the Arab lands and North Africa faced escalating levels of persecution in the 20th century, and were denied basic human rights. Between 1948 and 1967, many were expelled or fled the region, seeking safety in Israel and elsewhere.

The value of assets lost by the Jewish refugees is estimated at $700 million - roughly $6.7 billion today. 

Algeria: 140,000 in 1948, today 28
Morocco: 285,000 in 1948, 6500 today
Tunisia: 110,000 in 1948, 1700
Libya: 32,000 in 1948, 0 today
Egypt: 100,000 in 1948, 150 today
Sudan: 350 in 1948, 0 today
Lebanon: 20,000 in 1948, 50 today
Syria: 35,000 in 1948, 0 today
Yemen: 63,000 in 1948, 100 today
Saudi Arabia: 0 Jews
Somalia: 0 Jews in recorded history
Iraq: 150,000 in 1948, 0 today
Bahrain: 600 in 1938, 37 today
UAE: 0 Jews
Muscat (Oman): 0 Jews since the 19th century
Jordan: 0 Jews
Iran: 100,000 in 1979, 20,000 today

TOTAL: 935,950 in 1948, 8565 today
Israel: 150,000 Arabs in 1948, 1,640,000 today

For more information on the Jews expelled from Arab lands, see:

Jewish Refugees from Arab Countries  from the Jewish Virtual Library
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Unknown said...

I am curious about your figures for Jordan.

There was no Jordan in the middle ages.

Please explain.

Dusty said...

Good point. Same is true for the UAE. They are both recent inventions. So lets update it and leave it at zero for clarity