Thursday, May 16, 2013

Dutton Hall at UC Davis Occupied by Anti-Israel activists

Today, Dutton hall at U.C. Davis was "occupied"  by anti-Israel activists, using banners and tactics recycled from earlier protests. Yawn.  Its just a very public tantrum following the defeat of an Israel divestment initiative at Davis.

The photos are just charming.

Via the Davis Vanguard

This posting from the comments section is particularly interesting

From J.R., posted 05/16/13 - 06:04 PM
I walked by and saw some interesting signs pasted on the building's windows.
One said "Sharia Law".
Wishful thinking I suppose.

A university official told me that this was organized by outsiders, not students. 

More details as they become available....

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, the activists are obnoxious extremists trying to coopt every left wing/cultural cause. Luckily, this means that they're not taken very seriously. Also, for the past couple of years someone's taken over Dutton or Mrak once a month, so it's barely noticed by the large part of the student body that is in school to take classes...