Thursday, May 23, 2013

Anonymous isn't Anymore. Israel hackers expose the identity of "Anonymous"

A new twist, in the saga of Anonymous, and their epic OpIsrael fail

From the Times of Israel;

 Born on the eve of the original #OpIsrael in April, a pro-Israel hacker team called the Israel Elite Force has been responding in kind, defacing sites in Arab countries and publishing what it claims are names and passwords for credit card, Facebook, bank and email accounts, and other information that is supposed to be secure.

The IEF’s latest gambit seeks to “rip the mask off the hackers attacking Israel,” the group says in a video. A message on a hacker site and in the IEF’s Twitter feed refers web surfers to a web page listing personal details of individuals the group says are key figures in the #OpIsrael hacking operations. The information was gathered, the group said, by hackers in its own organization, and with the help of a joint team of American and Israeli hackers.

“We know who you are,” the group says on its page. “You can not hide! You can not escape!” 
Following the introduction, the page posts several full-color photos, names, locations, and IP addresses of administrators and hackers who, it says, are actively involved in attempting to hack Israeli sites, and who hail from India, Pakistan, Lebanon, Jordan, and Malaysia, among other places.

In this unconfirmed and unverified report, among those exposed are:

Danisah Mohammad Anseri  Hacker and Administrator Forum
From : New Delhi, India
Ip address :
Mohamad Sabbouh  Hacker
From : Beirut, Lebanon
Ip address :

Akram.mohe hlden  Hacker
From : Amman, Jordan
Ip address :

With a new day of rage against Israeli infrastructure  “OpIsrael Reloaded,” scheduled for this Saturday, looks like things are about to get very interesting....


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Israeli hackers respond to #OpIsrael

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American pro Israeli Hackers see for information about an upcoming cyber event.