Monday, May 20, 2013

At JVP endorsed Rally, Israel is wiped off the Map

On May 19, 2013,  the American Muslims for Palestine held a Nakba rally on the steps of the State capital,  in Sacramento, California.  Endorsed by Jewish Voice for Peace, who staffed a table there as well, the event's various exhibits  not only denied the ties of the Jewish people to their ancient homeland, it denied Israel's right to exist- within any borders.

American Muslims for Palestine exhibit denies the existence of Israel within any borders

American Muslims for Palestine exhibit denies the existence of Israel within any borders

All of Israel, from the River to the Sea, was labeled as "Palestine"
The sparsely attended event was meant to perpetuate AMP's cult of victimhood. Was this outrageous display mean to imply that Palestinians were still living in tents?

Faked quotes, false narratives and fabricated maps were prevalent.

This particular "information" card claimed exports and construction material were banned from Gaza.

The truth?

In April alone,  1,135 trucks containing construction material entered Gaza.  Five truckloads of flowers and three truckloads of spices were exported from Gaza.  A month earlier, in March 2013, 1,358 trucks carrying construction material entered Gaza. Nine trucks of flowers, nine trucks of date bars, two trucks of cherry tomatoes,  two trucks of furniture and 1 truck of spices were exported from Gaza.

And of course, no anti-Israel event is complete without  ubiquitous fake key photos  and the lying four part map

Fortunately, the truth is available to those who seek it.

The exhibits, the chants of "No return, no peace" and the words of the speakers at this rally make it painfully clear that that AMP, Al -Awda, Sabeel,  JVP and the other endorsers do not support a Jewish state of Israel existing side by side with an Arab state of Palestine. Their extremist  agenda does not accept the existence of Israel within any borders. These fringe groups seek to deny the Jewish people their right to self determination , through the destruction of Israel.

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