Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Palestine: The next apartheid state? Maen Areikat calls for a Jew-Free Palestine

The Palestine Liberation Organization's ambassador, to the United States, Maen Areikat, wants a new state of Palestine to officially prohibit Jews. It would be the first country since Nazi Germany, which sought a country that was judenrein, or cleansed of Jews, said Elliott Abrams, a former U.S. National Security Council official.

From an article by Oren Dorell, in USA Today

WASHINGTON – The Palestine Liberation Organization's ambassador to the United States said Tuesday that any future Palestinian state it seeks with help from the United Nations and the United States should be free of Jews.
"After the experience of the last 44 years of military occupation and all the conflict and friction, I think it would be in the best interest of the two people to be separated," Maen Areikat, the PLO ambassador, said during a meeting with reporters sponsored by The Christian Science Monitor. He was responding to a question about the rights of minorities in a Palestine of the future.
Such a state would be the first to officially prohibit Jews or any other faith since Nazi Germany, which sought a country that was judenrein, or cleansed of Jews, said Elliott Abrams, a former U.S. National Security Council official.
Israel has 1.3 million Muslims who are Israeli citizens. Jews have lived in "Judea and Samaria," the biblical name for the West Bank, for thousands of years. Areikat said the PLO seeks a secular state, but that Palestinians need separation to work on their own national identity.
The Palestinian demand is unacceptable and "a despicable form of anti-Semitism," Abrams said. A small Jewish presence in a future Palestine, up to 1% of the population, would not hurt the Palestinian identity, he said.
"No civilized country would act this way," Abrams said.
In a stretch worthy of an circus contortionist, the Electronic intifada's Ali Abunimah claims "that Anti-Palestinian propagandists are trying to spin this comment as being anti-Jewish".

Well, duh… Ali.

Ali, instead claims that Maen Areikat, instead has "espoused Israel’s brutal vision of apartheid and racial segregation."

Read the article and decide for yourself.


Mike said...

It would not be the first state since Nazi Germany to exclude Jews. Saudi Arabia does and Jordan's constitution specifically excludes Jews from citizenship, or at least it used to.

YY said...

They have always demanded this. This is why being no one who believes in human rights can support a Palestinian state without abandoning their principles. No one has a right to a state ethnically cleansed of another people. Isn't that something the whole world should agree on?

BBJ said...

Meanwhile, the PA's man in Lebanon has announced that Palestinians also won't be permitted to be citizens of the new state, for the most part. Query: who does get a Palestinian passport, should they become available?

Anonymous said...

Jul. 2010, Sep. 2011: Two important dates in 'official' ethno-religious cleansing, judenrein, apartheid Arab Palestine

July 28, 2010 - "Palestinian" racist leader, PM Mahmoud Abbas on a 'Jew free' region, even banning Jews under NATO. The "Palestinian" media [PALLYWOOD] later edited the word "Jew" for "Israeli," though it doesn't really make sense in the context...



Sep. 13, 2011 - Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) ambassador to the US Maen Areikat on its policy of 'Jew free' "Palestine" State



This is besides the racist Apartheid law by Jordan and "Palestinian" authority that prohibits selling land for Jews - punishable by death.

And these are the same racist Arab hypocritical bigots who attach so falsely the "apartheid" slur upon Israel's genuine defensinve measures. While multi-racial; democratic Israel often treats Arabs with affirmative action and preferential treatment.
Indeed, Anti-Jewish bigotry is the SOURCE of the "conflict" since the 1920s.