Monday, September 26, 2011


Here's one for the screaming insanity file: The Middle East Children's Alliance (MECA), which is Barbara Lubin's pet project and sole evident means of support (given that a large percentage of collected funds are devoted to """overhead"""), screams bloody murder about "censorship" as they perceive it....

and then keeps people from actually viewing the stuff they say was censored.

No, you aren't allowed to see it.

Only the pure of heart are.

That being the usual bunch of retrogrades and Israel-haters that run with Barbara Lubin.

You know, I once met Ms. Lubin.
Can't say that she struck me as particularely human. More like the usual middle-aged sub-woofing troll that lurks around the edges of politically correct, while leering at nice little teenage girlies. But that's just an opinion. She might actually have a soul. Nothing is impossible.

Still, the fact that she and her cult would CENSOR the horrific fake children's art that they spent so much time busking is actually flabbergasting.
I, for one, am honestl horrified.

Bleh, bleagh, and ick poo.


Anonymous said...

Worry not. Didn't Barbara Lubin have a well publicized affair with Gus Newport ( ex berkeley mayor) a while back??

Juniper in the Desert said...

Having seen this so called "art" and being an artist and teacher, I can tell you most of it has been faked by adults. This is the real reason they are hiding it!!
One of the pictures shows an Israeli flag under the foot of a muz-rat, but children do not do this sort of picture!
Also, google have an algorithm so that when you type "Israeli children traumatised by rockets from Gaza", you get "arab children traumatised by Israelis"!!: THIS is appalling blood libellous behaviour! TRULY evil!!

Twirling, twirling, twirling... said...

Didn't Barbara Lubin have a well publicized affair with Gus Newport ( ex berkeley mayor) a while back??

She may have been slumming. Was it, in fact, a sexual affair? Or just a groinboing of convenience?

But let us not talk about her frustrating sex life. Even though it may have much to do with her self hate.