Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mubarak controlled by Jews

Anybody who thinks that something good will come of events in Egypt is not thinking clearly. Perhaps they cannot think.
Mubarak, whether he comes or goes, is identified with everything that Egyptians hate.
Not because he caused it, or is even in any way responsible for it, but because they cannot conceive of having personal responsibility themselves for their miserable conditions.

For most people in the Middle East, it's someone else's fault.
Not theirs.

And if Mubarak displeases them, it naturally follows that he's an Israeli agent.


"Who support Hosni Mubarak? Who support Hosni Mubarak? Da United States Government, da British government, and German cou..... government, and Freeeeeench government....... da pipple, if dey go free, dey gonna destroy Israel! Da country who control da Irak state, is Israel!"

And once they've gotten rid of Mubarak, all their problems will be solved! Life will be good!


Precisely like Dick Becker of International ANSWER, like Medea Benjamin of Codepink, and like every single half-wit between here and the Caucasus mountains, the Egyptian man in the street willingly believes conspiracy theories and simplistic feel-good explanations.

Such people will never manage to engineer a free and open society.

We have far too many like them in the United States and Europe.
The Middle East, with one notable exception, is filled with such people.



Anonymous said...

Its not just the "egyptian man on the street", Steffy. Jess Ghannam, a San Francisco doctor and leader in the extremist Al Awda group sent out an email to his list claiming

"Year after year we marched, protested and fought daily for a decent life, for dignity, for independence and for freedom. We saw our lands occupied, our people invaded and murdered, our thinkers and journalists imprisoned, our activists tortured and disappeared and our very ability to live and feed our families challenged. If it wasn’t for the despotism and iron fist rule, imposed on us by colonial dictators who receive orders from their imperial masters, the Zionist genocide in Palestine and Lebanon and the US pillaging of Iraq would not have been possible.

There is nothing random about the revolution that overthrew Zine Al Abedeen Ben Ali from his throne in less than a month. Similarly, what we see in Egypt is a culmination of people’s action triggered by utter disgust and unwavering will to live as fully-dignified human beings. Egypt’s tyrant is a client of the United States and receives $200 million per year in aid, which is mostly allocated towards internal security. People in Tunis and Cairo rose up for the same reasons that people in Iraq and Palestine continue to rise up. Despite arresting 1200 people, injuring hundreds and killing 8, the Egyptian people continue to storm the streets in wave after wave. They do so for freedom, for dignity, for a developed future, for the education of their children, for having a seat at the table from which colonialism has excluded them.

These dictatorships proved precarious and brittle and exposed their brutality to the world to watch. Egypt’s tyrant, Hosni Mubarak claims that these protests are led by Islamic Brotherhood activists. In Egypt people of all walks of life, gathered 100,000 strong and pushed the police back, dispersing them with the very weapons they had used against the protestors. It is noteworthy that the riot weapons and the tear gas are made in the USA. In Tunis, the protests continue until a fairly elected government is in place. The Arab revolution has now spread like a wild fire from Tunis, through Algeria and Egypt, to Yemen and Jordan. Now it is threatening the Palestinian Authority. Despite all of this, the US is trying to find agreeable and more benign dictators to replace the ones deposed.

As we stood with the people of Palestine who have launched intifadah after intifadah, we must stand in support of the Arab revolutions of 2011 against the colonial powers that try to displace us, divide and conquer our lands and the agents who aid them. Like Ben Ali, Mubarak’s role is to self-perpetuate while over 40 million Egyptians live and feed their families with $2/day. Mubarak corrupted all civic and state institutions while participated in the siege of Gaza, along with his Palestinian Authority-Israeli counterparts, and gave the Zionists a free pass through the Suez canal to go attack Iran if need be."

Even with his years of education, Jess still believes in conspiracy theories and feel good explanations

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

i couldn't agree more with this posting. more then likely were just seeing the iranian revolution play out in egypt. people in the stone who have a revolution are still in the stone age after wards. so you trade a brutal secular dictator for a brutal religious dictator hurray for you.

Anonymous said...

its ok, it means that land for peace is dead, and all the arabs can go straight to hell...and israel can finally do what it didnt have the balls to do in 67...kick every arab residing in the west bank and gaza the hell out