Monday, February 7, 2011

Can we find 433,971 people to hate on Israel? Guess Not. California's Divestment Initiative fails

In case you were wondering:

The efforts to get a California divestment initiative on the ballot has failed. According to the Israel Divestment campaign:

"January 31, marked the end of the campaign to gather signatures to qualify The Israel Divestment Act for the California ballot. While the campaign produced signatures in nearly all 58 counties in the state, we do not have sufficient signatures to submit the petitions to the Secretary of State's office."

But, like a bad cold, or an infestation of bedbugs, its not going away just yet. Organizers have urged us to come back after February 15 for round two of "Can we find 433,971 people to hate on Israel?". We'll keep you all informed.


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

despite the large crowds they garner at rallies i've suspected for a while now that the hard core Israel haters really are in the minority in this state. it's either that or people just plain don't give a crap about foreign politics anymore.

Dusty said...

Its a little bit of both. The anti- Israel groups often point to their online petitions to show how widespread their support is. However, the problem with the online petitions is that it is so easy to forge signatures- with most petitions there is no oversight, and anyone can sign them, using a variety of names, multiple times.
The state of California will have none of that. Name. Address. Signature. Corresponding to the voters registration. Any funny business, the signature is invalid.
Team Hate can't win when they are forced to play by the rules.

Whats interesting is their complete silence on this matter. No tweets. No press releases. No flash mobs. Just silence.

Becky Johnson said...

Hooray!! I know it's not nice to celebrate someone else's defeat, but I can't help myself. And being a goyim, I'm not even discrediting the Jewish people by doing so. Ah, the gentile exception. So useful.

Dusty said...

Becky. Dearest Darling Becky. A friend of mine's mother says a Jew is anyone who puts their fate alongside that of the Jewish people.
Using that criteria (and its as good as I've heard for defining a Jew), you are as Jewish as I am.