Friday, November 21, 2014

Support the family of our hero, Zidan Sayif

Zidan Sayif, 27 was the fifth victim of the terror attack on a Jerusalem synagogue. He was the first responder to reach the scene, and was shot twice in the head while attempting to save lives.

At Zidan's funeral Yohanan Danino,  the National Police Commissioner Inspector Genera eulogized  the Druze officer who “ran into the heart of the murderous inferno, without fear, without concern” and that he “endangered himself for the security of the citizens of Israel....The people of Israel owe Zidan a great debt – a great debt to this man and this great officer - to remember his greatness, his character, his heroism and his courage.”

Funeral of Druze officer Zidan Sayyif

Now we have a chance to repay that debt.  Zidan Sayif leaves behind a wife and a seven month old daughter. Lets make sure his family does not fall through the cracks, and is supported in this difficult time.

One Family Fund, an organization dedicated to helping the victims of terror is collecting donations to be earmarked specifically for Zidan Sayif's family. 

Please donate, in thanks and in gratitude not only to the Sayif family, but in honor of all the Druze who stand side by side with us as we defend our beautiful land against those that would destroy it.

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