Thursday, November 6, 2014

Cars as Weapons. The latest Palestinian terror tactic.

Jerusalem  was terrorized twice on Wednesday by terrorists using their cars as weapons.

In the morning, Hamas terrorist Ibrahim al-Akari rammed his van into pedestrians in Jerusalem Wednesday morning, murdering one and wounding 13 others. He was shot and killed by the police,  and was immediately lauded as a martyr and a hero.  Akari is said to be a known Hamas operative from Shuafat

The Jerusalem area was hit by a second vehicular attack Wednesday evening  as a terrorist ran his van into a group of soldiers patrolling near Gush Etzion

On Twitter, a hashtag has been set up #Drive4Alaqsa encouraging Palestinians to continue to use their cars as weapons to kill Jews.

From Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu:

“Over the past several months, and especially over the past several days, we have witnessed a campaign of wild incitement against the State of Israel led by Abu Mazen and his Hamas partners. Hamas terrorists carry out terror attacks and Abu Mazen sends them condolence letters…. This front of hatred is directed at all of us. It seeks to run over all of us…. It turns out that boundless violence walks hand in hand with religious intolerance. We will not let extremists and fanatics ignite Jerusalem.” 

From Economy Minister Naftali Bennett via Facebook: “Abu Mazen is the driver of the deadly cars in Jerusalem. The terrorists are just his messengers.”


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

ya know i'm pretty much at a point now where i don't even care about the collateral damage in gaza when ever Israel and those hamas vermin have it out. from gaza to syria to iraq to pakistan to nigeria these muslim populations are their own worst enemies. the only muslim population that seems to be an island of sanity and relative democratic values in an other wise ass back stone age culture are the Kurds.

Gary Fouse said...

The latest Palestinian contribution to the world. Running down pedestrians. If they ever build a Palestinian museum, they can set this next to the suicide vest and car bomb.