Thursday, November 15, 2012

"Zionist Scum Your Time has Come"

Again: from our friends at StandWithUs/San Francisco Voice for Israel

Earlier tonight several dozen Israel supporters stood outside the Israeli Consulate Building on Montgomery Street while a group of Hamas-supporting Israel haters chanted "Zionist scum, your time has come".  

That's what the "progressive" Bay Area has to offer-- hate speech in support of an Islamist regime that itself hates women, gays, Christians, but above all Jews.  

They're going to be out there again Friday, in front of the Consulate building at 456 Montgomery in San Francisco.  Let's show them that our community stands with Israel against Hamas and against its supporters here.  We're going to stand proudly in support of Israel's right to defend its people-- ALL of them, Jewish, Christian and Moslem-- against the hate that fuels not only the Hamas rockets but also the disgusting rhetoric of the other side.  

Nov. 16 Friday, 4-5 PM
456 Montgomery Street, San Francisco
We will have flags and signs, feel free to bring your own as well. 
Please do not bring signs or graphics offensive to
any racial or ethnic group including but not limited
to Arabs, Islam, or Palestinians. Signs in violation
of our policies will not be allowed.

This is the chance for our community to stand together in support of
Israel and its right to defend its citizens from rocket attacks.
Because this is a highly newsworthy event, we anticipate that there
will be TV and other media there. Let's show the haters that the
pro-Israel community in the Bay Area stands proudly with Israel.


Anonymous said...

Israel is a racist aparteid settler colony and is hated by almost every state on earth apart from the jew united states.
Even obama has said that jewish settlements in the west bank must end.
Your time is nearly up israe, in 50 years you will have zero support. enjoy, welcome to your future israeli scum

Amerisrael said...

To commenter above, you said:

"Israel is a racist aparteid settler colony and is hated by almost every state.."


The Islamists are the ones who invade , occupy, and takeover other folks land and country.

The Moslems are the racists and imperialist haters.

They are the ones who invaded the ME and Africa in jihad military campaigns for the spread of Islam by the sword.

You are misguided in your hate for Israel. And so is Obama, the corrupt Islam-highjacked UN and EU.

Anonymous said...

Israel is a Nazi state and the whole world knows it.