Tuesday, September 13, 2011

MECA: The Middle East Childrens Alliance. Fanning the Flames of Conflict

Middle East Children´s Alliance (MECA) and its founder Barbara Lubin have dedicated considerable time and energy since 1988 demonizing the only Jewish state in the world.

From NGO Monitor:

According to the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) website, “[t]he Middle East Children’s Alliance is the fiscal sponsor for ISM-USA.” Donations for ISM’s campaign to “interfere with the construction of the annexation barrier” can be made to “MECA (ISM-USA Fund).”
MECA organizes delegations to “Palestine/Israel” where participants can “witness the impact of the Israeli occupation and…learn about refugees, land confiscation, political prisoners…” Trip highlights include learning “about the origins of the Palestinian refugees and the Right of Return, and how it can be implemented” (emphasis added).
MECA founder and Executive Director Barbara Lubin wrote “I think that the Jewish State is racist to the core.” Lupin refers to the 1948 “ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian population” and wrote that “[t]he concept of ‘Jewish morality’ is truly dead. We can be fascists, terrorists, and Nazis just like everybody else.”
In an interview, MECA Director of Gaza Projects, Dr. Mona El-Farra, explained that MECA refused USAID funding because it came with the condition that they promise “not [to] give any help or any aid whatsoever for the families of the militiamen, or their relatives, or anyone related to ‘terrorist attacks’” because “we consider it resistance” (emphasis added).
MECA raised funds for British MP George Galloway’s “Viva Palestine” convoy “following the massacre in Gaza.”
Partners include pro-Palestinian groups such as Addameer, Badil, the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign, Bat Shalom, and Gaza Community Mental Health Programme (GCMHP). Also partners with the Lajee Center, which refers to the “Israeli regime of Apartheid, colonization, and belligerent occupation.”

Its hard to ignore the hypocrisy of Barbara Lubin, currently whimpering "censorship" to anyone who will listen. The founder and executive director of MECA cut her activist teeth censoring others free speech. She was an organizer of a campaign to prevent Benyamin Netanyahu from speaking in Berkeley, nearly 11 years ago. Protesters, lead by Lubin forced the cancellation of a speech by Netanyahu, leading Berkeley Mayor Shirley Dean to declare "We must never, ever forget that Free Speech is for everyone, not just the politically correct."

From Sf Gate:

"Never in America have I waited, and been turned away from a paid lecture that was unofficially canceled by a mob shouting accusations at me," wrote ticket-holder Judy Norris. "Harassed, hassled, with accusations shouted at me and my friend, as though we were Uzi-carrying slayers of children, we, two quiet ladies from Moraga . . . wanted to hear both sides of the issue."

Yep. Thats Barbara Lubin and MECA.

Barbara Lubin also organized a disruption of the San Francisco Jewish Community Center four years ago, terrorizing the seniors, children and others who came to use the JCC’s services. Her justification? There were classes being held at the community center to commemorate Israel's 60th anniversary. Barbara and over a dozen "activists" were subsequently arrested for their 2 1/2 hour rampage.

Given the reputation and history of Barbara Lubin and MECA, her statement "For 23 years, MECA has been a witness to how pro-Israel organizations can intimidate groups and individuals " rings hollow. In truth, for years, the pro-Israel community has been a witness to Barbara and her followers resorting to lies, bullying and veritable temper tantrums, in an effort to stifle their opposition. The situation at the Museum of Childrens Art is just a continuation .

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Anonymous said...

The haters of Israel actually created an automatic letter to the editor generator to swamp MOCHA with emails.

Imagine if they put this level of energy and ingenuity into working for peace.