Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kiss My BDS. Palestinian Civil society overwhelming supports Cooperation with Israel

In spite of the rants of the BDS'ers claiming they speak for "Palestinian civil society", once again, its apparent they do not.

85% of Palestinian residents in the West Bank are interested in cooperation with Israel, according to a survey by Geocartography Knowledge Geocartography Knowledge is a research institute in Israel, specializing in opinion & marketing research, strategy, market potential analysis, qualitative technology & solutions.

From an article in Globes:

"The survey examined Palestinian attitudes about cooperation with Israel. It found that as Palestinians' geographical proximity and familiarity with Israel increased, there was greater willingness to cooperate, and vice versa.

The survey asked 1,000 people living between Jenin and Hebron whether they were interested in joint projects with Israel in several fields, including humanitarian aid, emergencies (such as rescue teams in case of fires or earthquakes), sewage, water, and electricity, as well as social issues, such as exchanges of youth delegations and soccer games…

While the survey found that the decisive majority of West Bank Palestinians want continued relations with Israel, it also shows a gap between the public's position and the position of the political leaders, who do not want direct official cooperation."

I believe Palestinian civil society has spoken. The question remains. Will anyone listen?

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