Friday, July 1, 2011

Once Again, JVP chooses the Wrong Side

Any of you unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end of Rabbi Alissa Wise, National Organizer of Jewish Voice for Peace's email?
Can you believe her last missive?
She says
"Let our people go.

Our people are the 1.6 million Palestinian men, women and children who are virtual prisoners who cannot leave Gaza and who cannot get access to sufficient food, medical supplies and resources they need to live.

Our people are the Americans and internationals, including Jewish Voice for Peace members, who are risking their lives to show the world the injustice of the siege, and who bring a message of hope and solidarity to the Palestinians of Gaza."

No- her people are not living in the beseiged town of Sderot. No- her people aren't the Israelis living in the shadow of terror. How clear is that?

Alissa Weiss is precisely who we discuss at our Pesach seder. She, and her collegues at Jewish Voice for peace are the "Wicked children" deliberately excluding themselves from their community.

And with Weiss's email, she and Jewish Voice for peace join their allies at Al Awda and the US campaign to end the Occupation in showing contempt for international law and diplomacy.

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David H. said...

JVP is really something else. here is a video of Molly Joseph who's gotta be the biggest motor mouth in JVP's ranks defending the Goldstone report even after it was largely discredited earlier this year. Molly is the cute perky gal with the glasses. you can just see how bad she's itchin to get some time in front of my camera. i think she really loves to hear her own voice. or should i say her own Jewish voice for "peace".