Sunday, July 17, 2011

Qassams! Aisle 2! Grand Opening of the Gaza City metro market

From the Free Gaza Movement latest news - An explanation why they rejected the Greek governments offer to have humanitarian aid shipped to Gaza

"We refuse to accept your breadcrumbs. We crave freedom, dignity and the ability to make choices in our daily lives. "

Well, Greta, Huwaida and friends, today is your lucky day. No wonder you don't need humanitarian breadcrumbs. You've got ready access to your own supply. Announcing the grand opening of the brand new Gaza City metro mart for all your breadcrumb needs!

Sure looks like there is plenty of "choice".

So, do you still believe the flotilla is about delivering huumanitarian supplies to Gaza?

More photos from the worlds largest open air concentration camp here


DrMike said...

The market looks so well stocked that the famous Borat "cheese" scene
( could have been filmed there.

David H. said...

oh goody when i go vacation in gaza i want to ride in that shopping cart car thingy that girl is in. how fun wweeeeee!

BBJ said...

And now, hark, I hear the petulant voices of the anti-Zionists: "Well, all right, so grocery stores in Gaza are well-stocked. What does that matter? There are still problems from the blockade, and it's really about other things than mere food in stores."

So what, folks, is that you keep insisting that children are starving to death in Gaza. That's so what. You lie until you're stopped, then you change tactics and try something new.