Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Going Postal: The latest BDS Fail

The latest BDS Fail will have the Israel haters going postal
This years Hanukkah stamp will be offered as a joint issue with Israel, with an Oct. 16 ceremony in Newport, R.I. It is based on a beautiful paper-cut design by Tamar Fishman.
According to the Postal Service:
“Fishman made a pencil sketch of the design then cut the two-dimensional image on white paper with a fine blade. She chose blue-purple and green papers for the background to highlight the central design. Behind the menorah is a shape reminiscent of an ancient oil jug that represents the heart of the Hanukkah miracle. Additional design elements include dreidels — spinning tops used to play a children’s game during the holiday — and a pomegranate plant with fruit and flowers.” 
The stamp designer is USPS art director Ethel Kessler

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