Friday, April 6, 2018

Showing their true colors in Gaza

Its week two of six weeks of Hamas terror.  Thousands are amassed at the border with Israel. And the Palestinians show their true colors, again and again.

Great March of Return, Gaza

A swastika flag flies along with Palestinian flags in Gaza.  The descendants of the Grand Mufti al Amin al-Husseini have spoken, and their intentions are clear.

This photo is illustrative of the entire march.  A father brings a young child to a war zone,  showing complete disregard for his safety.  Perhaps he is using him as a human shield, knowing Israel would not willingly hurt a child.
Great March of Return, Gaza
The father wears a mask for protection against the acrid smoke of the tire fires set throughout Gaza.  The child does not.  The heartrending and cavalier disregard for this childs well meaning is a microcosm of life in Gaza under Hamas.   Life is cheap.  Children are expendable.  And those you should trust to ensure your physical and emotional well being have baser intentions.

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