Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Commentary on Gaza's Great March of Return

Some excellent commentary on Gaza's Great March of Return:

From the Forward, written by Shoshanna Keats-Jaskoll
What Israelis Hear When You Say There Was A 'Massacre' In Gaza ...

Hamas is the entity people should blame when they lament the fate of Gaza. Gaza could — and should — be a Middle Eastern Riviera. Its beaches should be a favored vacation spot, Gaza City a cosmopolitan tourist destination. International aid abounds, yet Hamas leaves its people unemployed, cities and facilities undeveloped — and no one asks why. No one holds Hamas accountable.

It is not Israel that prevents this, but Hamas’s insistence that Gaza be the bloodied sacrifice on the altar of greater Palestine. According to Israel, Hamas spent $15M to organize this riot, bussing thousands of people to the border.

The people of Gaza deserve better. They deserve to live their lives free of Hamas. They deserve a leadership that cares for their welfare, not one that uses them as human shields.

The people of Israel deserve better. We deserve secure borders and an international community that uses reason, fact, and rational discourse when judging the situation.

From the Toronto Sun, written by Tarek Fatah
Who Weeps for Palestine?

Palestinians today must recognize two bitter realities: Israel will never commit suicide by permitting a ‘Right of Return’ to millions of descendants of the 1948 Palestinian refugees. 
 Israel will never hand over the Temple Mount in Jerusalem to Palestinians. Would Muslims hand over Mecca’s Kaaba to the Pagans?
Stop killing each other, and then offer more for martyrdom. The best of the Arabs deserve better.

From Tablet magazine, written by Liel Leibovitz
Hamas fails to breach Israeli border

Having withdrawn from the strip in 2005, Israel no longer has any territorial claims on Gaza; but Gaza, as this weekend makes painfully clear, still has territorial claims on Israel. In its continuous attacks on their neighbors to the north, and in its most recent efforts to cross into Israel, Hamas has again proven what the organization’s charter so clearly states, namely that its singular goal is the utter and absolute destruction of the Jewish state. It wants all of the land, not peace or coexistence or any other sensible and reasonable goal, which is why any territorial compromise on Israel’s behalf is nothing more than an invitation to the next, even bloodier conflict

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