Tuesday, April 10, 2018

"Journalist" Yasser Murtaja killed near Gaza border was Hamas operative

Yasser Murtaja, a Gaza journalist who was reportedly killed by Israeli gunfire during the "Great March of Return" was a member of Hamas.  Israel's Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman has told reporters that Murtaja had been on the Hamas payroll since 21011, and had achieved the rank of "Captain" .

Although the importation of drones into Gaza was illegal, Murtaja is reported to have used a camera drone to collect intelligence on Israeli forces along the border.

His Facebook page shows him posing with a drone.

Yasser Murtaja, a Gaza journalist and Hamas operative

Liberman declared “I don’t know who is or isn’t a photographer. Anyone who operates drones above IDF soldiers needs to understand he’s putting himself in danger,”  adding “We’ve seen dozens of cases where Hamas terrorists used ambulances, dressed up as Red Crescent personnel and disguised themselves as journalists. We won’t take any chances."

Although Murtaja's colleagues denied the allegations, it seems unlikely that Yasser Murtaja would have been permitted to take such intimate portrayals of Gaza without approval of Hamas
Child soldiers in Gaza.  From the Facebook page of Yasser Murtaja

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