Sunday, April 1, 2018

From Honest Reporting: Myths and Facts Gaza's Deadly "Protests"

Honest Reporting: Myths and Facts Gaza's Deadly "Protests"  is an excellent resource for those trying to cut through the rhetoric regarding this weekend's riots on the Gaza/Israel border. Read it, refer to it, bookmark it.

Here's a sampler:

Myth: This is a non-violent “protest” or a “march.”

Fact: It is none of the above.

Despite its official name, which has been widely repeated by the media, this is not a “protest” nor a “march” by any commonsense or dictionary understanding of the words.
Picturing something like a picket parade on Capitol Hill? Think again. From the beginning we saw significant violence which would not be tolerated by any country.
According to the IDF and multiple videos, the violence began with burning tires, slinging rocks, throwing molotov cocktails and other varieties of firebombs. The correct word for this type of activity is a “riot.”

Myth: Israel is shooting innocent civilians.

Fact: Of the estimated 30,000 people present, as of this time of writing, 17 have been confirmed dead. Of those, at least 10 are confirmed as active fighters of Hamas, Global Jihad, or the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, all designated as terror organizations by the United States, the European Union, and others. (All 17 have been confirmed as young men of military age).

Myth: Israel is shooting people in the back or while they are running away.

Fact: The information on deaths and injuries out of Gaza comes ultimately from the Gaza Ministry of Health. The Gaza Ministry of Health is, in turn, fully controlled by Hamas.

Repeating unsubstantiated claims by Hamas would be like repeating claims by Islamic State: no journalist should do so without clarifying the dubious reliability of the source.

Other sources of information include highly edited snippets from camera-phones on the scene. In most cases, the viewer has no way of knowing any relevant context, for example: what the subjects of the videos may have been doing before the video began, or what activities are occurring around them.

At least one video showed a Palestinian apparently being shot from the opposite direction of where the IDF was located, indicating that the event was most likely staged

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Anonymous said...

Its an inalienable human right to for people to form a mob and cross the border into a neighboring country that they seek to destroy. Get with the program.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

well the whole terror flotilla schtick has been used twice now and it really bombed the second time around. same goes for their terror "flightilla" at Ben-Gurion airport so now they have to come up with something new so here we go.