Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Jewish Voice for peace: The Censors cry "Censored!"

Its beyond chutzpah. Jewish voice for Peace possesses a narcissistic obliviousness that borders on pathological. This self described "Jewish wing of the Palestinian solidarity movement" isn't actually Jewish, but rather are "guided by Jewish values"   These values would be unrecognizable to the average Bubbe or Zayde.

This is a group that regularly orchestrates the disruption of Jewish community events, yet reacted violently when the tables were turned on them.  This is a group that screams loudly about being silenced, yet eliminated the comments sections of their blog- effectively silencing  and censoring any opposition. And  now, this is a group that has launched an attack on the respected retailer of high end kitchen wares, Sur la table, for daring to sell the spectacularly successful Israeli owned home carbonation device, Sodastream 

After encouraging their minions to spam the Sur la table website with political comments, JVP acted with self righteous indignation when the irrelevant comments were taken down.   Not permitting comments on a website.  What unmitigated gall. Who would do such a thing?

Jewish Voice for peace promotes spamming of Sur la table website
The JVP harassment of this respected retailer didn't end there. They provided sample scripts- can't leave anything to chance, not when your constituency involves classic antisemites and conspiracy theorists- and encouraged their followers to ratchet up the pressure by calling the customer service number of Sur la table.

Jewish voice for peace harassment of retailer
JVP the censor decrying censorship. From a  group that sets the standard for pure unbridled hypocrisy, this surprises no one.

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Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

some body please just change JVP's diaper already i'm tired of their temper tantrums! even though it'll have to be changed again 5 minutes later they're so full of it.