Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Los Angeles Transportation committee Endorses Veolia Contract

Hot on the heels of their BDS fail in Sonoma, its yet another fail for the Hate Israel cru. In spite of their intense lobbying efforts, tonight the Transportation committee of the Los Angeles City council endorsed a five-year, $160-million contract for Veolia and sent it on to full city council for a vote.

Veolia has been targeted by the BDS cru for daring to provide transportation services within Israel and the disputed territories.

A broad coalition gathered in support of renewing the Veolia contract, including union leaders, members of the Jewish community and representatives from Veolia, who together exposed the real agenda of the BDS movement.

In the words of BDS Grand Marshall Omar Bargouti, BDS is meant to be "euthanasia" for Israel.

Its not quite over yet- and the full city Council has yet to vote on the contract.

Stay tuned...


On her blog "Body on the Line" Anti-Israel activist Marcy Newman expressed her dismay with the result, admitting 'In the end, we lost', and blaming the "insurmountable Zionist hold on American politics."

She writes:
"In general, it was quite a disappointing meeting. Most of the council members there were either flipping through paperwork (which may or may not be related to what were addressing today) or played on their cell phones."

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