Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cindy and Craig Corrie at Al Awda this weekend

Last week Israeli courts exonerated the Israel Defense Forces after the Corrie family accused them of deliberately murdering ISM activist Rachel Corrie with a bulldozer. Israeli courts said she knowingly entered a war zone and refused to move despite being warned, and that her death was accidental rather than malicious. The lawsuit was one in a series of actions and events orchestrated by the Corrie family, to keep their daughters life and death in the public eye.

From Zahi Damuni of the extremist Al- Awda group, announcing the appearance of Rachel Corrie's parents, Cindy and Craig Corrie via Skype at the Al Awda Convention this weekend:

Cindy and Craig Corrie, the parents of martyr Rachel Corrie who was brutally killed while trying to save a Palestinian home from demolition by the Israeli occupation, will be joining us via Skype from Haifa at the Grand Banquet of The Tenth Annual Int'l Al-Awda Convention this Saturday . Cindy and Craig Corrie have been seeking justice for their daughter since her brutal death. They have shown remarkable strength, patience and resilience in the face of adversity they have endured including most recently at a "trial" in which a Zionist court in occupied Haifa ruled its own military was not guilty of Rachel's murder and blamed martyr Rachel herself for her own death.

The Corries tacit support of the Al-Awda agenda (which considers all of the land between the "river to the sea" occupied Palestine, denies the Jewish people's connection to their ancient homeland and supports mythical Palestinian "right to return" ) makes it quite clear -in case you had any doubt remaining- that they are not peace activists.

From Abraham Miller, emeritus professor of political science and a former head of the Intelligence Studies Section of the International Studies Association, originally published at PJ media

Since her death, Corrie’s activist, militant, and Israeli-bashing parents have transformed her death into a cottage industry. The Corries can be seen making the rounds of the liberal churches talking about the Palestinian cause and how the Israelis maliciously killed their daughter. For audiences predisposed to hate Israel and support the Palestinians as an oppressed people, the Corries and their “martyred” daughter comprise a saga that reinforces their jaundiced views.

It is not just the liberal churches that venerate the Corries. Yasser Arafat, too, showered them with adulation for donating their daughter to the cause. Just as their daughter put her life at risk to help mass murderers, the parents stand for photo ops with people who speak of past crimes against Jews and openly boast of those they are about to commit.

The Corries have learned nothing from their daughter’s experience. Mrs. Corrie openly brags of two nieces who are active members of the ISM, and she hopes their activism will emulate her daughter’s.

Rather than sue the State of Israel, Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, director of Shurat HaDin has suggested that, "Rachel Corrie's parents should sue the Palestinian Authority (PA) and the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) for being responsible for their daughter's death."

I'm not holding my breath.

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Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

"Mrs. Corrie openly brags of two nieces who are active members of the ISM, and she hopes their activism will emulate her daughter’s."
Dear Mrs. Corrie, i also hope your ISM nieces end up "emulating" your daughter. best of luck to em and i'm sure the hamas commissioned painters are already hard at work creating a beautiful portrait of them to present to you when the time is right.