Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hate Speech On Facebook: Report Hitler Memes

The title is "[Controversial Humor] Hitler Memes". It appears to be run by high schoolers, and no, its not funny in the slighest. As of today there are 653 "likes".

You can find it here:

Perhaps if enough people report this page it will be shut down It is not just hate speech- it is a direct incitement to violence .

Here's how. Go to the facebook page. Next to the Like button on the page there is a drop down menu that is part of the Message button. Click on the arrow pointing down and that will reveal a menu with options. Click on "report page". Click on "Hate Speech", (targets a religious group, or targets a race or ethnicity, depending on your preference) Then click on "Report to facebook" and hope that they do the right thing.

If that happens, expect Jewish Voice for Peace to claim that the voices of the people have been muzzled by the Zionist lobby.


Thanks to Nycerbarb:

Here's one more thing you can do. Sign the petition at and ask Facebook to take our complaints about Hate speech seriously.


The Stop BDS Team said...

Dusty -

This is not the only site like this, there are many.

There is an active campaign out of Australia to get Facebook to acknowledge these as hate sites and hate speech.

Can you please promote this petition at
Facebook Must Stop Allowing Hate Speech


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

well isn't this lovely. FB just took down some humor i posted where i was equating islamists which i specifically refer to as "islamists" to rampaging chimps in regards to the embassy attacks. i never used the word arab or muslim. i reported the hitler page but i wouldn't be surprised if that doesn't get taken down any time soon.