Sunday, December 6, 2009

Zionism- controlling the media, finance and impeding evolution

Every Friday for years, Berkeley Women in Black has made a practice of harassing students at UC Berkeley. Students at the University call this phenomenon "Black Friday". According to one blogger,
"The only thing more Berkeley than having an inflammatory opinion is gathering together a cadre of similarly-minded people and staging an unimpressive display to annoy passers-by."

Berkeley Women in Black have accused Israel and the Jewish people of controlling the media, government, and the banking industry for years. However on Friday Dec 4, Berkeley Women in Black (now including people of indeterminate gender) added a new accusation to the repertoire of dastardly Zionist deeds. Apparently the tag team of great Satan and little Satan is now "impeding evolution".

Berkeley Women in Black- bringing a bit of dreariness and surrealism into Berkeley, each and every Friday.


Anonymous said...

Both Marina Gutierrez and Jane Welford of Berkeley Women in Black appeared at the Israeli Consulate last year to celebrate the massacre of 8 students at Merkatz Harav in Jerusalem. But please remember -not all Women in Black groups are as off the wall as Berkeley Women in Black.
Oakland Women in Black is doing a great deal to redeem the "Women in Black " brand

Anonymous said...

Now, as a Science fiction reader,I am quite intrigued as to exactly how we are "impeding evolution"? And, but for this impediment to evolution, what might we have evolved into by now? Giant brains, e.s.p., gills? The possibities are intriguing.