Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Aipac protests in San Francisco

The subheading of this post should be: "In the words of Eric Cartman, 'I hate you guys, I hate you guys so very very much!'."

Wednesday 12/15/2009, San Francisco: Last night AIPAC came to town. As every year, that attracted the Israel haters and psychopaths. Which includes the following short list

Code Pink (represented by Toby and someone of indeterminate gender).
International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network (saboteurs, the sexually frustrated, damaged psyches, and mister Kanter).
International Solidarity Movement, (Paul Larudee and assorted fans of Hamas and Hezbollah).
Jim Harris (a simple soul, who just can NOT keep his mouth shut, bless him).
Joe Webb (an old-style anti-Semite with clothing that advertises insanity).
Middle East Children's Alliance (only Arab children are children, all others are occupiers).
Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism ('Turkeys for Thanksgiving').
San Francisco State students.
Stop AIPAC -Bay Area.
The Bay Area Campaign to End Israeli Apartheid.

There were the usual tantrums from middle-aged Berkeleyites, virulent hate-spews from SFState students and children of liquor store owners, plus anemic chanting and idiotic talking points from the ideologically autistic (yes, Dick Becker, that means you - although Jim Harris did try to steal your thunder).
It was a veritable feast of instability, fantasy, and delusional signage.

Hassan Fouda and his lovely wife Marilyn also showed up, both well-known for justifying violent acts against 'the occupier', and for channeling a unique brand of Jew-hatred - just ask folks in California, Connecticut, and Utah about them, though at least one individual in Maryland begs to differ.
They're pathological, they can't help it.
Thank heavens they found each other.
Theirs is a unique love.

The poltroons from the NLG were under deep cover, possibly as a result of their blatant instigation and agitation at the last manifestation of Jew-hatred. Bad PR, even in San Francisco.
That's okay, we love you girls - say hi to Lily Haskell, I didn't see her last night.

Several members of the anti-Israel crowd were dressed eccentrically: an Uncle Sam, a yogi, Flower Child, Evil Santa, SS Stripper, Raggedy Man, and a teenager with a keffiyeh around his face who does not want his dad to find out that he was jeopardizing his family's stay in the United States (don't worry, we won't tell).

Again, most of the crowd of hate-filled zealots was comprised of self-righteous middle-aged ladies from Berkeley, a few of whom are Jewish, though there are also many Methodists, Presbyterians, Unitarians, and Wiccans among their ranks.
This year no obvious infiltrators from Lily Haskell's little clique - again, we didn't see her or her handler - and far-fewer of the potentially violent teenagers that Dick Becker so likes; ANSWER has waned to such an extent that worry is evident on Dick Becker's wan face.
Also missing from the fray was Becker's chief flunky (Forrest Chump), maybe he's finally found gainful employment? If so, kudos.

I was very surprised to see Paul Larudee - after that ridiculous stuttering talk he gave in Oakland on Monday night, I though he had had enough of us.
You know Paul, two years ago you were saying that the Palestinians were descendants of the ancient Philistines, now you're claiming that they are Jews who first converted to Christianity, then converted to Islam. Can you at least be consistent? Or will you keep making it up as you go along, you wily devil?
Even Kate Bender Rafael is more reliable than you, she's dumb as an ox ALL the time.
Of course, you're still better than Rob Kanter.
You may be more ethical, too.
No actual record.

About forty pro-Israel activists, no more than a hundred anti-Israel individuals. Quite the worst turn-out for the radical pro-Palestinians in years. Pathetic.


Anonymous said...

Even Kate Bender Rafael is more reliable than you, she's dumb as an ox ALL the time.

Now, now. Thats offensive to Oxen.

Anonymous said...

And speaking of oxen, that big lumbering ox of a human being- Steve Greaves was also there, brushing up on his hate before his trip to Gaza next week

Anonymous said...

Attendees might remember last years' AIAPC protest, when Lily (Elizabeth) Haskell of the Arab Resouce Organizing Center (AROC)led a rousing chant of "Zionist watch you back or we will push you in the shaft"- an obvious reference to the mysterious death of Dr. Dan Kliman, local Zionist peace activist.
I didn't see Lily either- maybe she's gearing up for the next hate fest on Dec. 27th in Union Square. Or maybe she was one of the ones masked in a kaffiyah- the latest in "terrorist chic"

Anonymous said...

Gee, that sounds an awful lot like a confession or at least inside knowledge of a crime. Is law enforcement aware of this? It is at least a good lead. Other than the Klu KLux Klan and the Palestinians, what group protests with their faces covered?

Becky Johnson said...

So sorry I missed all the fun. We have the lovely Wallach sisters coming to Santa Cruz and bashing Israel on the 8th day of Hanukkah. What a treat!

Anonymous said...

Marilyn Fouda is one of the nutbars (actually, a few nuts short of a bar) who vandalized Israeli products at Trader Joes a few months back. Her husband, Hassan is a notorious local anti-Semite.