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Hamas rally in San Francisco Sunday December 27

Yesterday the pro-Palestinians came together to celebrate Hamas' glorious victory exactly one year ago today.
By which I mean that they congregated for the purpose of screaming threats and reciting names, in order to make Israel seem evil after the people of Gaza fired off over six thousand rockets in three years and thus precipitated a war.
Which they lost on the ground.

But in cyber space, where Israel is ALWAYS the bad guy, Hamas won the war. Largely due to such willing collaborators as the Wallach sisters, Rob Kanter, and Paul Larudee (just to name a few locals).
And the falsehoods that they are not averse to spreading.


The event was at Union Square, from four to six. On the Hamas side, several local activists including the Queers United against Israeli Terror (who find Islamic repression of different sexualities not a problem - all Arab gays and lesbians should hurry back into the closet), Jewish Voice for Peace (clueless), Rob Kanter (class by himself - selfasserted anti-Israel Jew who associates with known anti-Semites and racists), ISM, BAWIB, several members of International ANSWER, and several dozen badly behaved Arab-American brats.

The Arab-American brats dominated the Hamas side.

Pro-Hamas people: about one hundred.


On the pro-Israel side, members of Stand With US / San Francisco Voice for Israel, plus sympathisers from Berkeley, Palo Alto, San Jose, and elsewhere. Several energetic young people of college age, several resolute middle-aged persons, and a number of resilient retirees.

Pro-Israel people: slightly over one hundred.

It was not a very noisy manifestation, mostly, as the pro-Hamas side couldn't get their sound system to work (it doesn't go straight up into the air). A few of the sons of liquor store owners screamed invective, one or two waved flags till their little arms drooped.

At one point their performance was so boring I went into the Victoria's Secret Store to browse. I wasn't the only teenager there, but I had no luck. I do not wear thongs. And the least slut-like garb Vicky sells is big as a bucket.

When I came out again, the Arab children were chanting "Palestine will be free from the river to the sea".
Which is code for promising to exterminate several million Jews.


It's as peace-loving a chant as I've ever heard from Arabs and their willing idiots.
Their middle-class white baby sitters said nothing. They're okay with that.

The Wallach sisters are okay with that.
Medea Benjamin, Cindy Sheehan, Toby Blome, and Kate Bender Raphael are okay with that.
Hassan Fouda and Marilyn Fouda are okay with that.
Anisa Abd el Fattah, Jamal Bashir, Noura, Gamel, Afifa, Naeema, Alai, Hanan, and Lilly Haskell are all okay with that.
Dick Becker and his worker-bee Forrest are okay with that.
Jim Harris is okay with that.
Heck, the entire city of Berkeley is okay with that.
Ethnic cleansing is just dandy when Arabs do it.

[All of the above named, with the possible exception of the entire city of Berkeley, have stood side by side with hate-filled thugs and troglodytes yelling that threat. As well as several other slogans - ba rooh, ba dam, nafdeek ya falasteen, falasteen baladna wal yahood kalabna, al mawt al yahood, itbakh al yahood, etcetera. The entire city of Berkeley may have been agreement with these slogans, but has not actually said so en masse - at least not that I can prove. But they probably will soon. Berkeley always sympathises with third-world thugs. It's the revolutionary thing to do. Makes them feel special.]


Key Statistics

• 1 million: Israeli civilians under threat from Hamas rocket fire.
• 15: Seconds Israelis have to get to a bomb shelter once a warning siren has sounded.
• 2 million: Leaflets the Israel Air Force dropped on Gaza during Operation Cast Lead, warning civilians to stay clear of Hamas fighters.
• 200,000: Phone calls made by the Israeli army to civilians in Gaza warning of an impending strike near their residences.
• 8: Years Israel has endured rocket, missile and mortar fire from Gaza.
• 1: Israeli left in Gaza – Staff Sgt. Gilad Shalit,] kidnapped by Hamas from Israel on June 25, 2006.
• 3,200+: Rockets and mortar fired from Gaza in 2008.
• 6,500+: Rockets and mortars fired from Gaza since Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005.
• 10,389: Rockets and mortars fired from Gaza 2001-2008.
• 1,000+: People in Israel injured from rockets and mortars fired from Gaza since 2001.
• 27: Number of people killed by Palestinian rocket and mortar attacks since 2001.
• 242: Rockets, missiles and mortars fired at Israel from Gaza since the end of Operation Cast Lead.

Hamas Terrorism

• 727: Rockets and mortars fired from Gaza, January – September 2009.
• 17: Attacks on Gaza goods crossings by Palestinian terrorist groups in 2008.
• 80: Percent of mosques in Gaza which Hamas reportedly controls, some of which are used for weapons storage, command and communications headquarters.
• 37 mi (60km): Range of Hamas rockets in Gaza acquired after Operation Cast Lead.
• 2.5 mi (4 km): Range of Hamas’s anti-tank missiles, smuggled into Gaza since the end of Operation Cast Lead.
• 1,500: Number of smuggling tunnels between Gaza and Egypt (estimate).
• 59 ft (18 m)/6.8 mi (11 km): Length and depth of metal fence Egypt is building on Sinai-Gaza border to prevent tunnel smuggling operations.
• 22 mi (35 km): Distance between Gaza and Yavneh - the northernmost Israeli city hit by Gaza rockets on Dec. 28, 2009.
• 900: Hamas operatives trained by Iran.
• $20 million - $30 million: Funding Iran provides annually to Hamas. Iran gave Hamas another $50 million following Hamas’s victory in the 2006 Palestinian elections.

Israel’s Aid to Gaza

• 900: Percent increase in humanitarian aid delivered to Gaza in 2009, compared to 2008.
• 630,253: Tons of humanitarian aid delivered to the Gaza Strip, Jan. 19 – Dec. 13, 2009.
• 24.5 million gallons (92.7 million liters): Heavy-duty diesel fuel delivered to the Gaza Strip, Jan. 19 – Oct. 31, 2009.
• 10,346: Gaza residents who entered Israel for medical and humanitarian reasons, Jan.19 – Nov. 7, 2009.
• 57,295 tons: Monthly average of humanitarian aid entering Gaza since Operation Cast Lead, Jan. 19 – Dec. 5, 2009.
• 11,508: Monthly average (in tons) of humanitarian aid entering Gaza from February – June 2008, a period of intense rocket fire.
• 34,253 tons: Monthly average of humanitarian aid entering Gaza during period of calm, July - December 2008.
• 18,500: Permits Israel issued to Gaza residents to enter Israel or travel overseas in 2009.
• 28,400: Flowers from Gaza scheduled for export to Europe on Dec. 10, 2009.
• 250,000: Flowers from Gaza scheduled for export beginning Dec. 13, 2009.

[SOURCE: The Israel Project: ]



At around six fifteen, the pro-Israel pro-peace side got tired of the tantrums from the spoiled children of liquor store owners, and decided to head out to dinner, leaving misbehaved delinquents and high-school drop-outs to shout into an empty street.
I hope they all caught cold. We have too many liquor stores in San Francisco.

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