Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Twitter is down. How will If Not Now obsessively self-promote?

According to reports, Twitter has crashed for millions of  users world-wide.

A major impact was felt in the camps of  IfNotNow, who endlessly use the social media platform to self-promote.

Widespread anxiety and existential angst was reported, and grief counselors were being brought in.

A spokesperson for "IfNotNow"  addressed the crisis as he sipped his soy latte. 

"As a Young Jew ™, I demand our leaders be held accountable for hurting my feelings.   Without Twitter, how will the 31  members of our group watch our movement rise up and take on the Jewish Establishment, day after day, in city after city, in our characteristically  humorless and self righteous fashion?

Can you donate now to support our movement in this critical time?"


The crisis in  the IfNotNow basement offices of  Mom's house has been narrowly averted, as Twitter functionality has been restored

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