Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My First Death Threat

Mike L.

{Cross-posted at Israel Thrives and Geoffff's Joint, Bar and Grill}

Yes, I could hardly be more excited to announce the fact of my very first honest to G-d death threat.

I just now, after enjoying a very nice dinner of homemade chicken parmesan over penne with Laurie, jumped onto the computer only to find this cute little note:

you will be killed ass hole

saif El Islam

Fuck damn on you dirty shit,

you will be killed

curse on you all fucking jews

Oh, joy.


The Stop BDS Team said...

Mike -


I saved up all my Hate Comments and posted them on my blog after we defeated the BDS effort in Park Slope Brooklyn. (I wouldn't print the profanities, but replaced the characters.)

I was also trashed on Mondoweis and in The Nation.

Seriously, it is unbelievable that this stuff goes on. What is it about?


Anonymous said...


I'm sorry you are going through this.

I'm sure you heard about what happened to the co-founder of our local Israel advocacy group- San Francisco voice for Israel. Dan Kliman's body was found in an elevator shaft, in the building where he took Arabic classes. The police assured us it was an accident. Maybe it was.

But then this showed up, via the web:

It was such a shame to hear about that "accidental" (wink wink) demise of Mr. Dan "Slimen" Kliman. Fortunately the peace movement will never have to deal with that piece of trash again. Someone up there (or out there...?) is apparently watching the actions of such people and rendering appropriate justice. That would make me worry if I were doing anything like he did...

My home address was posted along with some other pretty nasty stuff. (They just had to mention my children, after all) And that was followed by my house getting egged and drywall screws in my tires on 5 different occassions.

This doesnt sound comforting, I imagine.

Report it to the ADL (they won't care, but maybe they'll log it and it can be used to establish a pattern of harrassment of pro-israel activists) Let me ask around- it might be possible to trace the IP address through the headers- maybe your internet provider could help, also.

And be strong and of a good courage.


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

there's some possible cause for concern here but more then likely this is just the typical internet trash talk by anti-Semites. but on the other hand you can certainly look at this like being put on an honor role. much like myself when those pro-palestinian Jew haters at the Solano Stroll that showed me a photo of . . me :)

The back of the hill said...

I've gotten a few of those myself.
They're amusing, and more often than not phrased in such a way as to prove the threatener both juvenile and substandard.

Which, given what we've seen at protests, is not at all surprising.