Saturday, December 28, 2019

Pallywood: Freezing Gaza.

Every winter similar scenes appear on social media, generally followed by pleas for money.

Its so cold in Gaza...freezing, they say.   Won't somebody think of the children?

Look at these poor families, gathered around their pitiful fires in the daytime, desperate to keep warm. 

Yes, they think Westerners are stupid.  In fact, they are counting on it.
What a typical December like in Gaza?   High of 71.   Low of 49.

Its a little warmer than Los Angeles.

Stone cold liars.

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Pallywood, Rami Farook- style.

Rami Farook is a  self-described "Palestinian journalist", lacking in even the most rudimentary research skills.

Rami Farook recently tweeted out a 1929 photo of the Tashdjian family- an Armenan family living in pre-state Israel, claiming they were  "Palestinian".
The Tashdjian family- Armenian Family from the Holy Land, 1929
In spite of dozens of replies to Farook, correcting his mistake, er, lie,  he has not altered the post.

This blatant disregard for facts and history should not surprise anyone who follows Farook. Check out his pinned tweet, also corrected  dozens of times, yet still up and shared hundreds of times

The reality?   Something quite different.

Just a glimpse at the truth optional world of  "journalist" Rami Farook.   Sadly, he is not the only one with a truth-optional worldview , spreading lies across social media.

Monday, December 23, 2019

Unclear on the concept: David Mandel of JVP Sacramento

Jewish Twitterati is abuzz with Sacramento Jewish Voice for Peace's lack of knowledge of the most basic of Jewish ritual observances- the lighting of the Hanukkah candles.

"Asajew" David Mandel  posted a photo of his Chanukiah on the first night of the celebration.  Four candles are lit.   The shamash is empty.

The comments are priceless.
From A Yid In Dixieland
"JVP celebrates the 4th night of Hanukkah on the first night. And no shamash. Rumor has it they used a burning tire to light them."

A helpful suggestion from Talia Katz
"JVP posted this photo on their Facebook page...If you're going to pretend to be devout Jews, at least Google "Hanukkah" before posting a picture like this."
Ignorant of  Jewish history.  Ignorant of Jewish Rituals.  "Proud to be ashamed to be Jewish"  JVP is the comic relief of Jew-ish social media.

And if that weren't enough, this travesty of a "Hannukah" celebration was a fundraiser for the terror-supporting SFSU professor Rabab Abdulhadi, whose fiscal sponsor is the extremist antisemtic Al Awda group.

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Anton Redding arrested for vandalism of Nessah Synagogue

Anton Nathaniel Redding, 24 is facing charges of vandalism of religious property and second-degree burglary, with a penalty enhancement for a hate crime following his arrest for damaging the Nessah Synagogue in Beverley Hills. According to Beverly Hills authorities, Redding is suspected of breaking into the Iranian Jewish synagogue on Dec. 14. The suspect ransacked the interior of the building, overturning furniture and damaging prayer books and Torah scrolls.

After vandalizing the synagogue, Redding went to Los Angeles International Airport and flew to Hawaii, where he was arrested. He was identified using forensic evidence and closed circuit recordings. Redding is being held without bail and will remain in Hawaiian custody pending an extradition hearing

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Beverly Hills Synagogue vandalized overnight

The Nessah Synagogue in Beverly Hills , home to the largest Persian, Orthodox, Sephardic community in California was vandalized last night. Windows and doors were broken and prayer books were destroyed.

According to early reports on social media 9 Torah scrolls were damaged, but this later proved erroneous.
The area is cordoned off and is being treated as a crime scene.

Statement from the Police follows:

Anyone who has information about the vandalism of the Nessah synagogue or the identity of the suspect is encouraged to call the Beverly Hills Police Department at (310) 285-2125 or submit an anonymous tip by texting "BEVHILLSPD" followed by the tip information to 888777.

Friday, December 13, 2019

Hatem Bazian's BDS feta fail at Trader Joes

Berkeley Peace and Justice Commissioner Hatem Bazian has issued a call-out on his Facebook page to boycott Trader Joe's for daring to stock Israeli feta cheese.

Hatem writes 
"Trader Joe’s is having Israeli Feta on its shelves! One more reason to stop shopping at the store. "

Hatem has tagged a short list of friends and colleagues to help promote the boycott of the beloved Trader Joes  grocery chain.

Hatem may not remember the 2009 BDS action against Trader Joes.  Trader Joes refused to be bullied and promoted the products with floor to ceiling displays.  Consumers followed with a "buycott' that ultimately lead to Israeli products sold out from stores coast to coast.   In their zeal to be supportive,  people bought cases of Israeli couscous. They began asking  "what is this small grain and what do I do with it?"  Shortly after, recipes began appearing in the blogsphere.

It was, as they say, a BDS fail of epic proportion, and a triumph of community led-grassroots activism.

The BDS cru retreated rapidly, sipping their kombucha and plaintively whimpering for their moms.

Since 2009, Trader Joes has added many more Israeli products to their shelves.

Hatem's little Facebook post may have sparked another  "run" on Trader Joes.  As of now, there are over 800 comments, on his post, with the vast majority supportive of Israel and Israeli feta. 

Hatem, don't you know this by now?   Never, ever get between a Jew and their food.

And as of today, there is no Israeli feta left in stock in the area.  A new shipment is expected next week.  Thanks Hatem, for another BDS fail  feta accompli.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Rashida Tlaib literally white-washing anti-Semitism

Congressperson Rashida Tlaib has just blamed the tragic murders in Jersey city on "white supremacy".

Rashida Tlaib blames Jersey City murders on "white supremacy"

Tlaib is neglecting an important fact. David Anderson and Francine Graham were hardly  "white".

The new faces of  "white supremacy" in America.


Tlaib has deleted the tweet, without apology or explanation.