Thursday, July 30, 2020

Asa Winstanley bugs out

Asa Winstanley is a self described " investigative journalist" and a writer for the agitprop Electronic Intifada.  The Electronic Intifada  according to Media Bias Fact Check has a "strong pro-Palestinian and anti-Israeli bias",  citing their "lack of transparency regarding funding, as well as strongly loaded emotional wording that may be misleading."

Likely Asa Winstanley fits in quite well with the EI  "stretch the truth to the breaking point" crowd.

This morning the acclaimed author Einat Wilf linked to an article in Haaretz regarding the eradication of malaria in Israel, writing  

"And once and for all (I wish!): The only ones that Zionism displaced were mosquitos. The lands Zionists acquired to establish themselves were malaria ridden, and they reclaimed those lands. Those were the lands then allocated to them in the partition map."

Apparently reading comprehension skills are not required to be an "investigative journalist" at the EI. Asa went buggy, writing "Former Israeli MP calls 800,000 Palestinians "mosquitoes" -- genocidal rhetoric from a "left-wing" Zionist."

Feedback on Twitter was swift and merciless.

But 12 hours have passed, and Winstanley's tweet is still up.  Its never been about truth for Asa Winstanley and his comrades.  Its about advancing an agenda.

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Palestinian Car Dealership, not Covid-19 Testing Center, demolished in Hebron.

Lately,  it seems that any Palestinian structure that has been demolished has been retroactively claimed to be  a "Covid-19 treatment center" or a  "Coronavirus Testing Center".

Even when its a car dealership.

Last week,  an unlicensed structure built in Area C(under exclusive Israeli control) was demolished and immediately after, sources on social media claimed it was a Coronavirus testing center.

No, the computer generated picture of a building with English lettering didn't seem to be a red flag to the "Israel is always wrong" cru.

Here's what the building actually looked like

And again, the lie went half-way across the world before the truth was done with its coffee.
From an article written by Palestinian journalist Khaled Abu Toameh in the Jerusalem Post:
Israel demolished Hebron car dealership, not 'COVID-19 center'

Civil Administration inspectors, who first noticed the structure on July 12, issued an order banning the continuation of the work. The car dealer, however, ignored the warning.

Palestinians working at the site told the inspectors that they were building a car exhibition for a Palestinian businessman from Hebron. The inspectors also spotted a sign with the name of the new car dealership business.

On July 21, Civil Administration bulldozers arrived at the site and demolished the illegally built structure.

Do some Palestinians and their Western enablers attempt to exploit a global pandemic for personal gain?

Yes they do.

“Contrary to the false claims, this was not a center for coronavirus testing,” a Civil Administration spokesman told The Jerusalem Post. “Also, it was not a health clinic. That’s a total lie.”

The unlicensed structure was being built for personal use, the spokesman said, adding that the Israeli authorities had not received any request from the PA or any international organization to build a coronavirus center.

“We condemn the cynical use of a global crisis at the expense of the Palestinians in Hebron,” he added.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health was also unaware of any pending plans to build a coronavirus testing center in Hebron.

Anti-Israel activists groups were quick to spread the lies-  but not so quick to update them.  Most accounts on social media have not been updated to reflect this new information. 

For more information on this latest blood libel, check out Palestinian Media Watch
The birth and spread of a new anti-Israel libel: The claim that Israel destroyed a COVID-19 testing center in Hebron is false!

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Gravity: It still works. Even for the Palestinians.

No, gravity is not one of the laws that can be ignored as "Palestine exception."

The Palestinian National Council for Promoting Values is now promoting the concept that "what goes up must come down", and is encouraging people to refrain from "celebratory gunfire".

Who would ever have guessed that shooting in the air is harmful behavior that could possibly hurt someone? Yet in the Palestinian territories it takes a public service campaign to get the message across that gravity still works.

A fatwa had been issued earlier, but it had been largely ignored.

Fatwa: The reign of shooting in the air
Shooting shots on occasions, such as joys, success, and funerals, is legally forbidden, a Muslim is not permitted to do so; for the following five reasons:

1. These actions include harm to Muslims without right; they may cause infallible death, or injury, and one of the reasons for the deserving of painful punishment, the Almighty said: {And those who harm the believers and the believer without gaining, have lost Endure slander and manifest sinthmạ [Parties: 58].

2. The intimidation of the Muslim is forbidden and of the great, and the shooting in the air is not without intimidation of women, children and passers by; Abdul Rahman bin Abi Layla said: The owners of Muhammad peace be upon him told us that they were with the Prophet (peace be upon him) Peace be upon him, a man of them fell asleep, so some of them went to a rope with him, and he took him, so he panicked, and said, ′′ Peace be upon him, ′′ It is not possible for a Muslim to terrorize a Muslim ′′ (Abu Dawood: 5004), and about my father Huraira (May Allah be pleased with him) said: (Whoever refers to his brother with iron, the angels curse him until he calls him, even if his brother to his father and mother) (Muslim: 2616).

3. Islam has forbidden to carry arms exposed; lest it harm Muslims accidentally; for the hadith of Abi Musa, may Allah be pleased with him, that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: (If anyone passes in our mosque or in our market with nobility, let's catch On her blade, or he said: Let his palm be arrested if one of the Muslims afflicts something) (Bukhari: 452, and Muslim: 2615).

As the law forbids pointing arms at a Muslim; lest it remove his hand; Abu Huraira, may Allah be pleased with him, said: (No one points to his brother with weapons, he does not know anyone may Satan takes off in his hand, and falls into a pit of fire) (Bukhari: 7072, and Muslim: 2617; how can he who uses weapons, and fires in the air, and between alleys, and in the roads?!

4. Shooting in the air is a waste of money in his legitimate face, and this is a forbidden waste, Allah forbade him by saying: {Indeed, the wasteful were brothers of demons and Satan was for his Lord is honorable} [Isra: 27].

5. The possession of weapons is a law to defend religion, to lie about souls and symptoms, and to provide it to the jihad for the sake of Allah from the power we have been commanded to prepare, it cannot be used in vain and oppression, otherwise it will become a use of weapons There is no intention, and in this is disbelievers, and God forbid.

According to the above: The shooter in the air is legitimately sinful, and guarantor of all that reckless acts of people's lives and property, and if shooting in the air kills a soul - God's destiny - it is semi-intentional killing, In which the penalty is severe; he deliberately fires without legitimate need, knowing that he is a thought of destroying souls.

The judicial and police authorities are also legally required to prevent these mischievous acts; the consequent corruption that harm people in their souls, their eternal and their money, and it is known that the duty of the Sultan is to preserve the interests of Muslims; to bring benefits to them, and pay Corrupting them, allowing fools to shoot shots on different occasions is a great corruption.

God Almighty knows.

✍️ Muhammad Suleiman Nasrallah Alfra
Friday 22 Shawwal 1439 AH
6 July 2018 AD

As of this week, the campaign appears to be a failure. A paramedic was wounded near Nablus, and given the nature of the wound, it likely from "celebratory gunfire".

Killing their own or wounding their own may not actually matter to the Palestinians because they can always blame Israeli "snipers" and the world will believe them.

Friday, July 3, 2020

Antisemitic Incidents up 12% in California

Antisemitic crimes in California have increased nearly 12% , according to the 2019 publication Hate Crimes in California, released on Thursday by the state’s Criminal Justice Statistics Center.

Overall, hate crimes overall declined statewide by 4.8%

Antisemitic bias events rose from 126 in 2018 to 141 in 2019, an increase of 11.9 percent. Anti-Islamic (Islamophobia) bias events fell from 28 in 2018 to 25, a decrease of 10.7%

Anti-Semitic hate crimes have been steadily increasing in California since 2014.

Thursday, July 2, 2020

What are American Police Learning in Israel?

What are American police learning in Israel?   We've heard the lies spread by groups such as JVP and If Not Now.   CAIR also ran with the lies, and went as far as recommending that city governments:

"End police exchange and training programs with Israel and other foreign governments
that engage in human rights violations, including violence against protesters, choke
holds and other forms of police brutality"

in their publication "Ending Racist Police Violence in America"

Has anyone thought to ask American police what they learned from visiting Israel?

In 1992, in an effort to secure the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia State University and the law enforcement community established the Georgia International Law Enforcement Exchange (GILEE).
There were three objectives:
*  To enhance inter-agency cooperation between State of Georgia law enforcement agencies and the police force of the State of Israel
*  To offer an educational professional program to senior Israeli law enforcement officials in Georgia, primarily in the area of community policing
*  To offer an educational professional program to senior Georgia law enforcement officials in Israel, primarily in the areas of counter-terrorism and drug interdiction

Kimberly Payne, Major, Atlanta Police Department (2018)
The GILEE experience was one of the highlights of my career. This enriching and impactful experience enhanced my professional development as a leader. The experience with the Israel Police reaffirmed the need to create diversity within the agency so that it is a clear representation of the community served. This then helps gain public trust.”

Ricky Rich, Deputy Commissioner, Georgia Dept. of Driver Services (2017)
“I was most impressed with the intensive training programs for the Israel Police. Integrity, professionalism, determination, and courage, protecting human life, and patriotism are among their core values"

John P. Quigley, Captain, Atlanta Police Department (2016)
“A clear priority, evident to all of us during our visit, was the sensitivity, awareness and commitment of the Israeli National Police Leadership toward ensuring every meeting with citizens, and every police/citizen encounter was focused on earning the trust of the community...Our pride in the brotherhood of Law Enforcement could not have been more inspired by those we met in the Israeli National Police. They are the pinnacle of professionalism, devotion to duty, and commitment to all people and religions. "

Rodney Bryant, Major, Atlanta Police Department (2014)
“One of our greatest challenges in American policing is serving a community that is vastly more diverse than the local police department. Comparatively, the Israeli police are responsible for serving a variety of demographics. I was impressed by the level of community policing efforts employed by the Israeli Police to build relationships and maintain peace among such diverse populations.

Steven D. Heaton, Chief, Fayetteville Police Department (2009)
“I think I can speak for the entire delegation when I say that this program was the highlight of many of our careers. The information learned and shared with our Israeli counterparts was invaluable. The Israel Police are one of the best trained, professional, warm, and accommodating group of people I have met"

The truth is out there. You just need to ask the right people.