Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Pallywood, Rami Farook- style.

Rami Farook is a  self-described "Palestinian journalist", lacking in even the most rudimentary research skills.

Rami Farook recently tweeted out a 1929 photo of the Tashdjian family- an Armenan family living in pre-state Israel, claiming they were  "Palestinian".
The Tashdjian family- Armenian Family from the Holy Land, 1929
In spite of dozens of replies to Farook, correcting his mistake, er, lie,  he has not altered the post.

This blatant disregard for facts and history should not surprise anyone who follows Farook. Check out his pinned tweet, also corrected  dozens of times, yet still up and shared hundreds of times

The reality?   Something quite different.

Just a glimpse at the truth optional world of  "journalist" Rami Farook.   Sadly, he is not the only one with a truth-optional worldview , spreading lies across social media.

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