Thursday, March 12, 2009


When it comes to genocide, Jews just aren't very good at it. That's why there are so many more "Palestinians" than there were sixty or even forty years ago.
Especially inside Israel, and in the territories.

For real expertise on genocide, try the Gentile nations.

The Dutch (wiped out an entire island in the Indies for business purposes, exterminated natives in South Africa, started race wars in the new world), the English (much the same as the Dutch, plus very creative in the use of euphemisms to disguise their attrocities), the French (Indochina, anyone?), the Belgians (Congo - the gold-standard for savage slaughter of uncooperative natives), Russia (multiple examples), Turkey (Arm...., Arme...., Armeni....., best not say it, could get the Turks angry again), China (anyone remember the Dzungarian Tatars? No, how about Tibet?), Indonesia (Aceh and Timor L'Este, Dayak tribes, Moluccans, Papuans, etc.), Thailand (brutal exploitation of hill tribes along with rape and sexual slavery of their women), Burma (like the Thais, only much more so), Spain (all of Latin America - examples too horrifyingly numerous to detail), Portugal (like Spain, in a more diverse spectrum of geographies).

Oh, and Germany, of course. How could I forget?

Naturally, the Lebanese and Jordanian apartheid policies that still limit the freedoms of the descendants of Palestinians qualify as nearly genocidal - anything more calculated to destroy any sense of ethnic pride is hard to imagine, as well as encouraging the alleged Palestinians to go native in short order.
Economic discrimination against a despised caste is, however, extremely useful in depressing their ability to influence any political or social developments in their countries of birth - as India so abundantly still proves with her treatment of tribals, minorities, and untouchables, and Sri Lanka attempted to do with Tamils and others.
Malaysia and Indonesia, having learned from the Indian example, and from their former colonial masters (the English and the Dutch respectively), apply apartheid laws to their Chinese minorities, as well as extorting protection money ("voluntary contributions for good causes").

Should I also mention African genocides? Or is that just too depressing?
How about Egyptian poison gas used against the highlanders in Yemen when Egypt was involved in the North Yemeni Civil War in the nineteen-sixties?

Of course what the Indians and Pakistanis are doing in Kashmir should, properly speaking, also be called genocide - but polite people prefer not to think of it at all.
After all, Kashmir is beautiful, and the issue far too complex. Best simply dream of ancient Mughal gardens and a lake.