Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Irrelevant protesters descend on Disney Hall to protest the Israeli Philharmonic

A scant handful of  "peace activists"  showed up at Walt Disney Hall  yesterday, to protest a performance of the Israeli Philharmonic.    Brandishing cardboard cut-outs of stylized weapons,  they threatened those entering the hall.

 It wasn't the pieces  by Schubert, Chopin and Brahms that disturbed them.   They weren't upset by the presence of  Chinese pianist Yuja Wang or presence of the Philharmonic's  maestro for life  Zubin Mehta   No, it was the knee jerk reaction to anything with "Israel" in the name that lead to the anemic little turnout.  When Conductor Zubin Mehta  received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame last year,  the same ragtag group protested.   

From Tom Turgend:

On the ground, the actual scene was rather less colorful. When my wife and I arrived about 15 minutes before the concert, we saw somewhere between six to ten protesters, with one holding an “Israel Apartheid” placard.The hundreds of concert goers streaming into the hall paid no noticeable attention to the small group, whose members however perked up and responded vigorously when one patron suggested they turn their humanitarian impulses toward the thousands of Muslims being killed in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Mali and so forth.

And then there was this lovely couple, with an indecipherable word salad message urging us to do....something

And in the end, over 2,000 showed up to hear the Israel Philharmonic, with maybe a  dozen hapless protesters loitering aimlessly.   I'd chalk this one up as a BDS fail.  Again.


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

AMCHA asks CSU General Counsel to Address Legality of Anti-Semitic Webpages on CSUN Server

From our friends at the AMCHA Initiative:
Recently, a lawsuit was filed against California State University Monterey Bay, alleging that a professor at that university had illegally used public resources in sending an email to students encouraging them to vote “yes” on Proposition 30.  In commenting on the CSUMB professor's behavior, CSU General Counsel Christine Helwick stated:

"We have previously reminded faculty and staff that it is not permissible to use state resources including classroom time for any political advocacy. This email [encouraging students to vote "Yes" on Prop 30] clearly crossed that line and the campus is taking appropriate personnel action."

Generel Counsel Helwick's statement is based on a California statute which makes it illegal for any state employee to use public resources for political or personal reasons.

In an effort to ensure that there is no double standard in CSU’s enforcement of California law, the AMCHA Initiative co-founders wrote to CSU General Counsel Helwick and asked her, in light of her recent statement, to rule on the legality of CSU Northridge Mathematics Professor David Klein’s use of the CSUN webserver to post his anti-Semitic webpage promoting the boycott of Israel.  You can see AMCHA's letter to General Counsel Helwick HERE.

AMCHA reveals to State Assembly members the anti-Jewish bigotry
of California Scholars for Academic Freedom

In late September, a group of faculty members who call themselves the California Scholars for Academic Freedom (CS4AF) wrote a letter to the California State Assembly opposing the Assembly’s unanimous passing of HR 35, a resolution condemning anti-Semitism in institutes of higher education.  This letter also openly praises boycott, divestment, and sanction (BDS) campaigns against Israel.

CS4AF claims that their primary goal is to protect California scholars from violations of academic freedom. However, their true mission is to protect faculty that promote academic boycotts of Israel at their universities.  The founders of CS4AF are also co-founders and organizers of the anti-Semitic U.S. Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel, which they feature prominently on the CS4AF website.  Ironically, an academic boycott of Israel has been declared a violation of academic freedom by the
American Association of University Professors.

Additionally, many of CS4AF signatories have participated in creating a harassing and anti-Semitic environment for Jewish students by engaging in various activities such as supporting campus BDS movements, organizing anti-Israel events on campus, and trying to shut down University sponsored study abroad programs in Israel.

AMCHA Initiative co-founders wrote to all the members of the California State Assembly to make them aware of the true intentions of CS4AF and to expose how many of the letter’s signatories have misused their university's name and resources to promote their political hatred of the Jewish state and engage in efforts to harm it.  You can see AMCHA's letter to state legislators

In Which CAIR Plays Thought Police

h/t to our friend Gary over at Fousesquawk

What do you do when you find a book in the library that you don't like?   Well, CAIR- the Council on American-Islamic Relations (also known as the unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy land Foundation terrorism trial) issues an action alert, urging parents to have their children .report sightings of the book. How positively ....Soviet. of them

Anti-Islam Book Found in Broward County Public School Library

Asalamu Allaikum,

CAIR has received a report that an anti-Islam book has been found in a Broward County Public School Library. The title of this book is "Islam and Terrorism" authored by Mark A. Gabriel a well know anti-Islam pundit that self proclaims scholarly knowledge of the Quran.

This book contains dozens of xenophobic statements and inaccurate information regarding the Quran and teachings of the Prophet Mohammed. We have submitted a formal complaint to the Broward County Public School System and requested information through the Freedom of Information Act.

While the School Board is investigating we need the Muslim communities help in identifying if this was an isolated incident or if there was mass distribution of this book into the Broward County School system. We also do not know which School Districts this book was distributed to. It may have been distributed State Wide.

Action Needed.

Please show your children a copy of the Action Alert and have them look in their schools library for a copy of this book. "Islam and Terrorism". If your child finds this or similar books in the library please contact CAIR Florida immediately.

Thank you for your immediate attention to this extremely important matter ! Please forward this ACTION ALERT to your email list. 

Here is a Picture of the Book

I haven't read this book, but I certainly don't want CAIR acting as thought police regarding what  books can and can't be read.  Its highly rated on, with 73 reviewers giving it 5 stars.

The author's biography states that Mr. Gabriel has a doctorate in Islamic studies. (And this makes him an  "anti-Islamic pundit" why?)

Dr. Mark Gabriel was born and raised in Egypt as a Muslim. More than just a practicing Muslim, he was a scholar from his youth. His first milestone was to complete memorization of the Quran at age twelve. He went on to attend Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt, the oldest, most prestigious Islamic University in the world, where he earned bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees in Islamic History and culture. He also holds a master’s degree in world religion and a doctorate in Christian education. He travels and lectures for a variety of groups all over the world.

So do something for freedom today.  Pick up a copy of Mark Gabriel's book.- its only $10.40.  Read it. Like what it says? Find it credible? Pass it on to a friend, or better yet, donate it to your local library.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Birthday to the Blue and White

Kachol v’lavan 
Zeh tzeva sheli 
Kachol v’lavan
Tzivey admati

On Oct 28, 1948, 64 years ago, five months after the country's establishment, the  Israeli flag was adopted as a symbol of the new nation.  The flag consists of a 6 pointed  star of David between two horizontal blue stripes.   The design is evocative of the Jewish prayer shawl, or tallit .

Today is a great time to remember one of the more famous Israeli flags from history. Dubbed the "Ink flag"- it was reportedly made from a sheet  with two blue ink stripes drawn on it.  The star in the middle was removed from an old first aid kit.

On March 10, 1948  the Israeli Defense Forces reached the shores of the Red Sea near Eilat and captured  the territory without a battle- this improvised flag was raised to commemorate the victory. 

Happy birthday  to the flag of Israel.  Long may she wave

Afikomen Judaica Vandalized

Afikomen Judaica in Berkeley is a beloved community institution.  Since 1991,  we've gone there to chose our children's bat and bar mitvah invitations. We've picked out our ketubbot- and rented our chuppahs there.    Its where you can find gorgeous  havdalah candles from Safed and fair trade organic Hanukah gelt.

Tonight someone smashed the window of Afikomen.

From Rabbi Menachem Creditor of Netivot Shalom:

"Thank God, everyone is fine, and damage was minimal. But this store is our Jewish community's treasure, and an attack on it is an attack on us all, Jewish and not. Please make an effort to pay a special visit to Afikomen this week, spending some extra time and money as a statement of support and solidarity with Chaim, Nell, and the important work they do convening our community and exposing us all to new and exciting Jewish learning, books, music, art, and more."

In 2010, two Jewish businesses in Oakland were also attacked-  Holy Land Restaurant and the Grand Bakery  both had their windows smashed. Amba , a kosher restaurant in Montclair has been subject to harassment and threats recently as well. .  While its certainly too soon to assume that this was a hate crime, lets heed Rabbi Creditor and pay the store a visit-  its just about time to do your Hannukah shopping anyway.  As the days grow darker and darker, lets remember that we have it within our power to increase the light in the world. Lets start now.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Palestinian Children Celebrating Eid

 Enjoy these heartwarming photos of  Palestinian children celebrating Eid, courtesy of Pal Today


Friday, October 26, 2012

Greta Berlin and Friends Berkeley hate fest part 2

Guest post by Emunah

“Once in a while you can get shown the light, in the strangest of places if you look at it right’

An hour and a half of just listening to accusations of organ theft, of not being “real Semites”, of rich and powerful Jews controlling information and government was personally exhausting.  This  glimpse into the dark soul of anti-Israel activism revealed, as suspected, a core of  festering anti-Semitism.

It wasn't a surprise.  It wasn't just Greta Berlin’s now infamous tweet, or the cover-up that changed day to day. It wasn’t her step daughter Ava’s admission about the depth of Greta’s hatred .  For me, years of observing the seething anti-Semitism on the streets- and the silence of those who stood by exposed the “peace” movement for what it really was.

Illumination came to the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists in the unexpected form of a young Occupy activist, “Beth”.  Beth had been invited to the Fellowship by Janet Kobren, a flotilla participant, currently active in Occupy. Beth was invited with the expectation that she  “might learn something”.

Beth  spoke during the Question and Answer  period.

 “Hi. I appreciate all the work that is being done on behest  of the Palestinians. But I came here on the behest of Janet. She thought that I might learn things that I didn't know. I didn't learn anything that I didn't already know.  And I support the Palestinians. I support BDS. I support the flotilla. But recently there was an incident where someone in this room wrote on our non-violent list serve, that all Jews are immoral and that all Jews are secret Zionists... “

( At this point, Joseph Anderson, an audience member began screaming   "Not true, not true” )

She continued

 “... there is a danger of the mainstream  media goes totally to the right and defends Israel to no end, and won't point out any of the issues, but there is a problem on the left of going so far that anyone one who is even - when you talk about a 1 state solution, I have not heard of the particulars of how two groups, who are in this conflict and hate each other for 60 years are going to live side by side. And I've heard also there are many states that have divided into ethnic countries. Now I'm accused of being a Zionist, of being a Zionist, for saying that I believe a 2 state solution, is a better solution. So, what I'm saying is if you want the Jews to support the Palestinians,  you can't deny the history of the anti-Semitism, that started when Jesus was labeled as killed by the Jews. “

Joseph’s response ?  A variation on the theme of “all my best friends are Jews” , He then accused the young woman of being a plant and an agent provocateur .

Full disclosure:  Joseph Anderson (posting as JA on the various Indymedia sites) was alleged to have written a rant, justifying the collective punishment of the Jewish people worldwide:

“Personally, I *EXULT* everytime I see an Israeli Jew bite the dust. And the same goes for their American cousins! EVERY SINGLE JEW EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD is a just and appropriate target for anti-colonialist liberation! We need to start targeting *EVERY* synagogue, *EVERY* Jew community center, school and everywhere else that you racist devils preach and propogate your agenda.

There are people on all sides of the political spectrum that question his mental stability

He began:

 “.. First of all, I come from a people that also suffered for centuries at the hands of Christians and often Jews. And no amount of suffering entitles anyone to go take, dispossess or be given  the land of another people.... Second of all, let me say I've had anti-Zionist, Jewish roommates and friends for at least 20 years. My first roommate was an anti-Zionist Jew. I've been friends with a majority of Jews in this room, for quite some time. So, for you to say, that I called all Jews immoral, is patently ridiculous. So, for my question, you know Malcom X said about the false accusation of anti-Semitism is that' that stick don't hurt me' and that's how I've conducted myself. And ironically I've been very rarely called an anti-Semite because, if Zionists tried to do something, I don't care. The other thing we have to realize with regard to the enforcement arm of the Lobby, if I were in charge of that, I would send people out on the left, to work on the left.”

 Beth attempted to have her voice  heard. Again.  She was under the impression that this was meant to be a discussion of anti-Semitism and Zionism

“This is supposed to be on anti-Semitism and Zionism… you are not allowing… to speak…You've had 3 speakers for an hour on 1 perspective and the one person who has a different… you wouldn't let speak for more than a minute.”

Alison dismissed her . “This happens frequently. There will be one person that thinks that they are entitled. That they are more important than everybody else in the whole room.”

Soon the audience joined in the attacks- threatening to call the police on her.

One patronizingly demanded, “Will you be quiet miss?”

“No. I will not,” she answered.  “Because this has been stacked with the Palestinian perspective.”

Greta Berlin, Alison Weir and Jeff Blankfort at the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian  Universalists Oct 18, 2012.  Where Beth, a sensitive and involved Occupy activist learns that “groupthink” is alive and well on the fringe left, and that for them, "justice" means  "Just us".

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Greta Berlin and friends: Berkeley hate-fest

(Guest post by DrMike and Emunah)

Berkeley, the home of the Free Speech Movement, is a city known for its devotion to various liberal/radical causes.  But those who preached against war and prejudice might well wonder what has happened when an otherwise liberal church has aligned itself with raw anti-Semitism.  

The Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists brought the notorious anti-Semite Gilad Atzmon to town a few years ago  and faced a community protest.  A supporter of Atzmon showed up with a Hassan Nasrallah  shirt and a  Hamas flag. Nasrallah has called for the genocide of the Jewish people, saying  “If they (Jews) all gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide. (Daily Star, Oct. 23, 2002)  Since when is incitement to genocide a Unitarian value?   Atzmon delivered as expected- and people left his talk in tears, upset by his intolerance and hatred.  Can't say that we didn't warn them. 

Attorney Stephen Pearcy is wearing ashirt featuring Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of the militant group Hezbollah,  who has  commented: “If we searched the entire world for a person more cowardly, despicable, weak and feeble in psyche, mind, ideology and religion, we would not find anyone like the Jew. Notice I do not say the Israeli.”
Now one might think that after this fiasco that the BFUU had learned its lesson.  Apparently, though, they have decided that promotion of anti-Semitism is one of their values.  In the wake of the Greta Berlin controversy, in which the leader of the Free Gaza Movement was found to have repeatedly and deliberately promoted Holocaust denial and Nazi propaganda, Berlin found herself unwelcome not only across the internet but also in person.  When the likes of Ali Abunimah, Jewish Voice for Peace and Students for Justice in Palestine--who promote vicious lies about Israel and compare Gazans to Jewish victims of the Nazis-- denounce you for anti-Semitism, you know you've gone way past the point of no return. So Berlin's speaking engagements to promote her book began to disappear.  Enter the BFUU, which decided to host Berlin after a well-respected bookstore in Marin County cancelled her appearance.  They weren't alone-- a Marin group called 14 Friends of Palestine, whose leader Jane Jewell has promoted a lame excuse that Berlin's computer was hacked and who also posts admiringly on Atzmon's website, came on board to co-sponsor the event.  Jane stood gleefully in the BUU, selling t-shirts and absorbing the hate.

Not content to have only Berlin speak, the BFUU then invited two other charter members of the "not only do we hate Israel, we're not so keen on Jews" club--Alison Weir  and Jeffrey Blankfort.  And they had the unmitigated gall to title the evening "On Zionism and Anti-Semitism".

Though Berlin was visibly disappointed that there were fewer than 2 dozen people in attendance, we're happy to help spread her words, as well as Weir's and Blankfort's, to a wider audience.  Because when confronted by Jew-hatred and lies, it's important to out, name and shame not only the perpetrators, but those who facilitate them.

On October 18 , the BFUU hosted Greta Berlin, Alison Weir and Jeff Blankfort in a talk on anti-Semitism and Zionism.  This is the first part of our summary of the talk

The BFUU’s own Rev. Ben Myers began the talk with a sincere blessing for dialog and communication. Rev Myers led the room in song evoking Rabbi Nachman of Breslav’s teaching that the whole world is a narrow bridge.  The main thing is to not to fear at all.   He left the hall before the speakers began.  It was a smart choice.

Greta’s handlers were very carefully not to let her speak about her most current outing as a card-carrying holocaust denier.  Greta’s time was limited to discussing her book “Freedom Sailors”., the story of the first blockade-running flotilla to Gaza.   She discussed the role of Texas Activist Riad Hamad in organizing the flotilla and  his $25,000 donation of matching funds to help buy the boat.  Its a generous amount of money for a middle school teacher to have at his disposal. She discussed how his suicide was inadvertently caught on camera, though she neglected to mention how he had clumsily taped his mouth and bound his hands together in an effort to implicate the “Zionists” in his death.  She discussed readily lying on her press releases in an effort to mislead the Israelis.  Greta’s world  appears to be truth optional- facts be damned if they don't advance her ideology.

Even before the flotilla departed there was trouble. Then as now, infighting plagued the anti-Israeli activists. Greta declared: 

“When the boats finally arrived on the 21st of August, nobody was talking to anybody else. Because we were mad at the Greeks. The Greeks hated the Americans. The Americans hated the Greeks. We had boat people vs. land people. If you get 2 activists in a room, you get 14 opinions.  If you get  44 activists in a room, you get a war, I'm not kidding.”

After arrival in Gaza, Greta described how “ the Palestinians took care of us for 5 days. “.
Greta Berlin greeting her minions in Gaza
 Indeed they did.  As Paul Larudee reported  in his talk on the flotilla in Hayward, a while back:

“It was a huge celebration. It was just amazing After that it was Palestinian hospitality run amok. They put us in the best hotels. They still have nice hotels there... The prime Minister and his entire cabinet invited us to dinner near his was right after the Olympics you remember so he gave us all medals that said “Free Gaza” honor after the other....”    This was in what they allege is the world's largest outdoor prison, and an equivalent to Auschwitz

Free Gaza  and Ismail Haniyeh
 Greta is convinced of the success of her mission, saying  "We made them 3 promises before we left."

#1 - We would return.

#2 - We would take out Palestinians. And

#3    We would make sure that the world would know.

"And we have done all 3 of those. Gaza has been put on the map because of the Free Gaza Movement. Viva Palestina, the Global March to Jerusalem, the Gaza Freedom March. None of those would have happened had it not been for Free Gaza. "

Shhh. Don't tell Greta- all of those high profile publicity stunts have been abject failures.

Later:: Alison Weir on anti-Semitism

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Juan Cole gets it wrong again

Why context matters.

 Juan Cole has published a post entitled  "Creepy Israeli planning for Palestinian Food Insecurity in Gaza revealed."  (No, I'm not going to link to it. You can find it yourself. I know you can)

In it, he states

"The food blockade had real effects. About ten percent of Palestinian children in Gaza under 5 have had their growth stunted by malnutrition."

Lets give Juan Cole some needed context.  An estimated 200 million children aged under five in the developing world suffer from stunted growth due to maternal and childhood malnutrition

The Palestinians actually have the second lowest rate of stunting in the Arab Middle east, according to a 2009 UNICEF Document: Tracking Progress on Child and  Maternal Nutrition 

Qatar   8%
Palestinian Territories- 10%
Lebanon - 11
Jordan - 12
Oman - 13
UAE - 17
Saudi Arabia - 20
Kuwait - 24
Iraq - 26
Syria - 28
Egypt - 29
Yemen – 58

If their really was a food blockade, why are children in Gaza  better nourished than their neighbors, Juan? 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Recent BDS fails, Great and Small

Lets start small.

Sighted at the Berkeley Bowl - an independent  and much beloved grocery store deep in the belly of the beast, Berkeley, in occupied northern California.  These are etrogim from Israel

Israeli Etrogim Available in Berkeley. Another BDS Fail

New Yorkers might not realize the significance of this.  This is Berkeley.   Even after years of dealing with the rage of angry anti-Israel activists- lame  flash mobs, vandalized Israel products, tabling, protests and boycotts, the local independent grocery is still proudly featuring Israeli produce.  Same as always. Do you know why?  Because these products sell.

BDS fail.

Lets get bigger, now.


The Rady School of Management at the University of California, San Diego, today announced the launch of the U.S. - Israel Center on Innovation and Economic Sustainability, supported in part by the Jewish Community Foundation of San Diego’s Israel Studies Fund.

The center will promote collaboration between businesses, entrepreneurs, researchers and the diverse cultures of Israel to enable the translation of technology into new global market opportunities. It also will facilitate interactions between the respective innovation communities of the U.S. and Israel. The center has entered into discussions with four universities in Israel ­— Hebrew University, Tel Aviv University, Technion and IDC Herzliya and plans to collaborate with the UC Berkeley Institute for Jewish Law and Israeli Law, Economy, and Society and the Younes and Soraya Nazarian Center for Israel Studies at UCLA.

This center will be the first U.S. - Israel center at a major university to focus on innovation, sustainability and job creation,” said Rady School Dean Robert S. Sullivan. “It is also about community building. The center will provide opportunities for the Israeli and San Diego entrepreneurial communities to interact, to identify new opportunities and to provide unparalleled immersion learning for students and the community.”

“Technology and global business development means the world is becoming ever smaller,” said Charlene Seidle, Jewish Community Foundation senior vice president. “Strategic relationship building and shared learning make sense. The center will build from the already robust connections between Israel and San Diego in order to reach new heights of innovation that fill real-time needs.”

Massive, Epic BDS fail.

While the BDS cru were busying themselves  annoying shoppers in the Castro,  and inventing new BDS victories they've missed quite a bit. And I say this with a smile.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hadassah Hospital. Making Miracles Happen every Day

We don't hear enough about this amazing organization. Hadassah Hospital is a model of peaceful co-existence in a difficult region. At Hadassah, Arab doctors treat Jewish patients. Jewish doctors treat Arab patients.  Hadassah- the largest Zionist Women's organization  in the world is celebrating their 100th anniversary this year. Here's  what they've been up to:

Osnat Moskowitz

Prof Eitan Kerem is Head of the Department of Pediatrics and Cystic Fibrosis Center at Hadassah-Mt. Scopus and Coordinator of the European Cystic Fibrosis Society (ECFS) Registry. And he was very concerned about the reception he would receive when he made his presentation to the ECFS meeting in June this year in Spain. He was scheduled to speak about Hadassah’s work with Cystic Fibrosis patients in Gaza and the CF Center Hadassah recently created there with support from the Peres Center for Peace.
The Gaza CF Center is an amazing story in itself. In years past, Hadassah’s CF Center treated dozens of young patients from Gaza since there was no CF specialist in Gaza. When politics prevented them coming to Israel, some of them traveled to Cairo to undergo CF treatment there – a 12-hour trip – but this soon became difficult, and then impossible. The parents of these chronically sick children turned to the international community for help in establishing a CF center in Gaza.

And Hadassah responded. “We devised a program together with the Peres Center,” Prof. Kerem said. “Three doctors came from Gaza to Hadassah for an intensive one-year training course at Mt. Scopus. We organized dormitory accommodations in Jerusalem, and the Peres Center arranged the complex logistics.
“Just three months ago a nurse and a physiotherapist also began training with us. Just like the doctors who trained here last year, they work in harmony with the entire team, the patients and their families.”
Prof. Kerem was pleased he would be able to tell this remarkable story.

Yet when the time came, he left for Spain some trepidation. His place on the program had been planned early in 2010. The ECFS meeting took place in June – after the Gaza flotilla incident. He had been warned that many delegates from Arab countries were attending and that the audience and the atmosphere could be hostile.

His presentation is powerful and professional. The pictures and the facts speak for themselves. It concludes with a photograph of a beautiful river whose flowing waters are bright red.
“There was an audible gasp of shock from the entire audience when the picture appeared on the screen,” Prof. Kerem said, “and I knew I had made my point.” He then showed the same photograph from a wider angle – revealing trees with autumn leaves turning deep red that were reflected in the water.
He told his audience: “Not everything you see is what it seems to be. Never take things at face value.

“The applause almost deafening,” Prof. Kerem said, “and the response totally positive. People congratulated me and many wanted more details. I was even approached by medical professionals from Arab countries who were interested in coming to specialize in CF at Hadassah.”

Yascher Koach, Hadassah. May you go from strength to strength

The Huffington Posts' Lying Headline

The shrill headline on the Huffington Post reads:

Israel Gaza Blockade: Calories Calculated By Israelis To Force Malnutrition 

Yet that's not what the body of the article says. Not by a long shot.  In fact, its quite the opposite
The article reads:

JERUSALEM, Oct 17 (Reuters) - Israel calculated the number of calories Palestinians would need to avoid malnutrition under its blockade of the Gaza Strip, according to a study which the Supreme Court forced the government to release.

 "Avoid" malnutrition. Not "force" it.

The study, "Food Consumption in the Gaza Strip - The Red Lines", estimated the required daily calorie intake in the territory at 2,279 per person.  Apparently the  calorie calculations were based on a model formulated by Israel's Health Ministry and were  in line with average Israeli consumption.

Here's a screen shot of the deliberately misleading headline


The Huffington Post has a reputation for  demonizing Israel- and has spawned a  website "Huffington Post Monitor"  that exists to debunk its lies.  How long with this hateful and misleading headline remain?  Your guess is as good as mine.

The answer is less than 24 hours.  As of today, a corrected headline appears, as well as this statement:

Correction: The original version of this article had a headline of "Israel Gaza Blockade: Calories Calculated By Israelis To Force Malnutrition." This version has been corrected to reflect the text.

Here's a screen shot of the new headline

Monday, October 15, 2012

i Phones selling well in Concentration camp Gaza

Lets hope the Estelle, the Swedish Boat to Gaza is bringing in i Phones

From Reuters, of all places.

Apple's new iPhone 5 is selling well in the Gaza Strip despite inflated prices, reaching the Palestinian enclave via smuggling tunnels even before high-tech hub Israel next door.
The cutting edge smart phone is being snapped up for almost double what it costs in the United States, its price jacked up by middlemen on its circuitous delivery route from Dubai via tunnels linking the blockaded territory with Egypt.
The iPhone 5 will not be available until December from mobile operators in tech-mad Israel, which along with Egypt maintains a partial blockade of Gaza to prevent the entry of anything that could be used for military purposes.
But the phones have been available for a couple of weeks in Gaza and they were on display on Monday in three independent mobile stores in a one-block radius in downtown Gaza City.
Prices ranged from 4,500 Israeli shekels ($1,170) for the 16 gigabyte model to 5,700 ($1,480) for 64 gb.
"I ordered 30 and I've sold 20 so far," said one dealer. "We can order as many as we want. But most people are waiting for the price to go down. They're pretty expensive."

iPhones in poor suffering Gaza.   My soul cries out in anguish over the inhumanity of it all.

Between two worlds

From our friend DrMike over at Bluetruth, who we are delighted to see is blogging again.

Last week I went to see a screening of the movie Between Two Worlds at UC Berkeley.  I had missed the film when it was shown at the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival last year, and I was curious to see it (after all, not only was I briefly in the film, I had played a role in the event that the filmmakers, Alan Snitow and Deborah Kaufman,  acknowledge as the motivation ). I was also curious as to what the tenor of the discussion would be afterwards, given that another key event in the film was the rancorous debate before the Cal Student Senate over the divestment bill several years ago. 

The movie itself starts with the controversy that arose at the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival in 2009, and immediately portrays the situation inaccurately. The cause of the widespread community furor was not simply the choice of the film “Rachel”, a film about the death of Rachel Corrie, the idealistic young woman recruited by the International Solidarity Movement to go to Gaza and serve as human shields for weapons smuggling.  It was the additional invitation to Rachel’s mother Cindy to speak at the showing, and the choice by the SFJFF to partner with two organizations (Jewish Voice for Peace and American Friends Service Committee) that support the BDS movement.    The SFJFF has a history of showing films that portray Israel negatively; none had created the reaction that this program engendered.  Claiming that the outcry was simply on the basis of the film allowed Peter Stein, then the executive director of the SFJFF, to proclaim his surprise at the reaction—when in fact it was immediately obvious on publication of the SFJFF program that this was a very unusual event.

The portion of the film that dealt with the San Francisco Jewish Community Federation funding guidelines, which the filmmakers themselves outspokenly oppose, was far from even handed.  While interviewing Peter Stein, Jewish Voice for Peace spokesperson Cecilie Surasky, and others opposed to the guidelines, there was no interview of JCRC Executive Director Doug Kahn or JCF CEO Jennifer Gorovitz.   John Rothmann, formerly of KGO Radio and a prominent local author, speaker and activist, was interviewed but only one sentence of his was included in that segment.  The fact that even this film did not generate a lot of controversy when shown at the SFJFF is proof that the guidelines are NOT precluding discussion; they just provide that the Federation isn’t going to use its funds to provide legitimacy for anti-Israel groups.
The film then meandered through the Berkeley divestment debate, the filmmakers’ own family histories and made its way to Jerusalem and the controversy over the proposed Museum of Tolerance to be built over the site of an abandoned Muslim cemetery.  While Rabbi Hier from the SWC was at least given an opportunity to state his case, the film failed to include a key point that Rabbi Hier could not have failed to mention:  that in 1945 the Supreme Muslim Council in Jerusalem had planned a six story building on the site to house, among other offices, their own! The museum itself was to be built on the site of a municipal parking lot that had existed there for decades without any complaints from the religious authorities, and which prior to that had been the site of a hotel proposed by Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.

Though I had not seen the film prior to that night, none of this was really surprising.  Alan Snitow had defended the SFJFF and claimed that I provoked the audience’s response to the film that day at the Castro Theater;  you can view my speech yourself and judge whether an audience at a Jewish Film Festival should have been provoked by my words. (At least in the discussion section afterwards, Snitow did allow me to point out a few of the flaws I noted in the film—and nobody jeered. )

After the film, I approached one of the other members of the audience, Tom Pessah, a perpetual UC Berkeley student who is one of the leaders of Students for Justice in Palestine and a proponent of the so-called “one state solution” which would turn Israel into the 24th Arab nation. (Not only would this turn the Jews into a minority in an area noteworthy for its treatment of those who are different , it would-- if recent trends are any indication-- lead to Islamist rule extended from Gaza to the entire land of Israel).   I wanted to ask Pessah why he wrote an article in 972 Magazine appropriately condemning the anti-Semitism displayed by Greta Berlin, leader of the Free Gaza Movement, but tolerated the same Holocaust revisionism, blood libels and other anti-Semitic ideology from Hamas and the PA—backed with missiles in the case of Hamas.  His answer—that he wasn’t responsible for Hamas, but only for his own “civil society movement”—doesn’t really wash given that he supports the flotillas which provide PR benefits to Hamas and which Hamas is involved in organizing.   And given that his own group, SJP, still adheres to the “Zionism is racism” libel that even the UN abandoned years ago.  He even had the temerity to later post this on an anti-Israel listserve:   “Stand With Us guy comes up to me in an event this week to tell me my article against antisemitism was a "good start". A bit patronizing, but I'm glad he and his kind read it - especially the parts aligning this anti-racism to the support of BDS and the Right of Return”.

News flash, Tom.  The fact that you can at least recognize Nazi-level Jew hatred when it slaps you in the face doesn’t make you the arbiter of “anti-racism”.  BDS is racist at its core:  it  has at its core the anti-Semitic concept that among all the nations, ONLY THE JEWS do not have the right to national self-determination.  That of all nations, ONLY ISRAEL does not have the right to define who can enter its country and become a citizen.  And that anti-Israel activists can create their own “international law” – the fictional “right of return”--that applies only to Palestinians.    And if you think that Greta Berlin was an exception and that the anti-Israel movement isn’t rife with anti-Semitism, we’ve already seen plenty of evidence that she’s just the tip of the iceberg.  I think the next few months will show how the Israel-hating Jews will find themselves caught between a Jewish community that rejects them politically and their fellow Israel haters who use anti-Zionism as a front for anti-Semitism—essentially, between two worlds.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Many Young Israel Advocates identify as politically liberal.

Putting to rest once and for all that support for Israel is the realm of the neo-con, a new survey shows tremendous diversity  among young pro-Israel activists, with  45% self identifying as liberal.

 “Next Generation Advocacy: A Study of Young Israel Advocates,” was released this week by the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation. The study was conducted by Ezra Kopelowitz and Daniel Chesir-Teran of Research Success Technologies.

Young pro Israel advocates truly reflect the diversity of the Jewish community, reflecting both religious and ideological diversity.

From JTA:

Of the 4,000 or so Israel advocates age 30 and younger who were surveyed, 87 percent said they welcomed “multiple perspectives” on the pro-Israel spectrum. Ideologically speaking, 45 percent self-identified as either politically liberal or slightly liberal; 30 percent said they were conservative or slightly conservative; and 21 percent called themselves moderate. Four percent said they were extremely conservative and 2 percent said they were extremely liberal.The respondents came from diverse religious backgrounds, too: 37 percent said they were Conservative Jews, 27 percent Orthodox, 18 percent Reform and 16 percent “other Jewish.”

The survey also shows the tremendous potential of this group. Lisa Eisen, the director of the Schusterman Foundation  reports “The motivation is there, the passion is there, the interest is there,... “We just haven’t fully tapped the potential.”    While 85 percent of high school seniors and 66 percent of college seniors said they wanted to continue pro-Israel work after graduation, only 27 percent and 33 percent, respectively, reported being asked to do so by a Jewish organization.

Friday, October 12, 2012

The Letter They Refused to Sign

Mike L.

{Cross-Posted at Israel Thrives and Geoffff's Joint, Bar and Grill.}

It seems to me that our political views, if they are capable of flux and change and evolution, often get rattled at particular moments due to specific events.  I wrote about this a little in a 2010 piece entitled Landmarks in which I discussed how the Mavi Marmara incident effected my perception of the progressive-left.  It was a political landmark for me, a nudge in a different direction.

If I were to chart my own political evolution over the years I would highlight growing up in the aftermath of the Vietnam War, the Bush administration's reaction to 9/11, the realization of the hatred spit at Israel from elements on the progressive-left, and, most recently, my developing criticisms of the Jewish left.

Like the other aspects, this last thing, has a number of landmarks associated with it in my personal experience.  One of these was the refusal of many Jewish "progressives" of my acquaintance to sign a letter of condolence to Tamar Fogel after the murder of her family by a Palestinian Jihadi.  The letter, which I am reprinting in full below, was written by Professor Denis MacEoin, a scholar in the fields of Arabic, Persian and Islamic Studies, and the editor of The Middle East Quarterly.

At the time, I was just horrified at the Fogel murders and particularly at the fact that the Palestinian Jihadis who perpetrated them cut the head off of a three month old baby girl.  Nothing in this world seemed more natural to me than to sign a letter from a distinguished and respected scholar to the twelve year old daughter of the victims.  And I know that at some point she received that letter and there were hundreds, if not thousands, of names from Jews and non-Jews all around the world letting her know that people cared.  I very much hope that Tamar read those names, because one of them is mine.

So, when our "progressive Zionist" friends refused to sign this letter, I was quite taken aback.

I was, in fact, both horrified and disgusted.

My thought at the time was that if these people, these Jews, will not stand in solidarity with that little girl then they stand for nothing and can be counted on for nothing.  Sadly, from that moment to this moment, little has happened to alter that perception.

The reason they refused to sign the letter, I feel reasonably certain, is because Tamar is a Jew who lives in "the West Bank" and MacEoin refers to her place of residence, Itamar, as "Jewish land."

That's it.  That's all it took for these particular Jewish leftists to refuse a gesture of friendship and condolence and solidarity with a young Jewish girl who had just lost her family to murderers.

I cannot even find the words to express my sadness and disgust.

Here is the letter:

An open letter to Tamar Fogel, by Denis MacEoin (April 2011)

Dear Tamar,

We have never met, nor are we likely to. I am not a Jew nor an Israeli, though for many years I have defended both Jews and Israelis from the physical and political attacks that are made on them. I live in England, though I’m Irish. The Irish used to be great enemies of the English, who did bad things to us, but who gave us their language, something in which we excel. But many years ago, long before you were born, the enmity between the Irish and the English faded. We are not the same people, but we no longer hate each other, and the English Queen will soon make her first visit to Ireland, in a gesture that the past is past, that we are now allies, not enemies.

The most important for you is to be sure that the only guilty parties were the terrorists who carried out the slaughter. And I need not tell you that these were not the first Palestinian terrorists to take out their hate, their resentment, and their jealousy on helpless Jews living on Jewish land.

I have watched you in two videos, the first time when Binyamin Netanyahu came to visit you and your grandparents, and I still remember the force with which you challenged him, such an important man and such a young girl. And after that your tears. It seemed to me then, and it seems to me now that the dead are at peace, and your two living brothers may grow up with less dark memories, but that you above all are old enough and aware enough to carry the most terrible memories through the rest of your life.

But I also saw a second video in which you spoke to a reporter from Israeli National Television, and here your tears gave way to a most articulate, awesomely mature, and moving assertion of your right to live in Samaria. I wish every Palestinian could watch that video with an Arabic voice-over. Perhaps there and then they might see that their fight against Israel is worthless, that you will never surrender, that you will not let yourselves be led to the slaughter as happened all those years ago.

Rabbi Chaim Potok once wrote that there are no more gentle Jews. He did not mean that Jews are no longer kind or good, but that they now know how to fight back. Kol Hakavod for every word you spoke.

You will grow up among strong people, and you will finally marry and have children of your own. That may seem far off to you, but to someone much older like myself, it will happen in no time at all. When that happens, and when your two brothers find wives and have children, there will soon be more Fogels than before. They cannot substitute for the dead, but they can stand up and speak for them down the long years to come. Your life, however much you may wish it otherwise, will be overshadowed by the terrible event that has fallen on you. You will ask questions and you may find answers.

After the Shoah, many rabbis tackled the question of hester panim, asking why HaShem had seemed to turn his face away from his people. I am not a Jew, and I cannot provide easy answers to those questions. You must seek your own answers from your rabbis and in your scriptures.

One answer may be found in a short sound recording that was made in Belsen shortly after its liberation by British forces. It was made by the BBC and contains at the end description of a Shabbat service held by a British rabbi, at the end of which the survivors stand and sing HaTikva. They are weak, they are out of tune, some of them will still die: but they are singing in open defiance of the very great Nazi evil that had overwhelmed them and their families. Three years after that, the state of Israel was established.

I’m writing, first because I’m a writer and that’s how I express my feelings best. But also because I want to convey just how many people’s thoughts are with you. You have your grandparents and aunts or uncles, and after that you have your small and concerned community of I’timar, but beyond that you have a world of people, Jews and non-Jews, who stand with you in your grief. We feel helpless, not knowing what we can or should do to help, yet longing to do so.

How many people can say they truly love the murderers who came to your house that night? Some may hand out candies and dance in the streets, but how meaningful is that? They love themselves and their own dreams of glory, but who can truly love men of blood, people who kill infants in their cradles?

For you the greatest problem of the next few years may be this: you are still a child and you deserve to be reading funny books and watching films and playing games and going to your youth club; but many will treat you as an adult before you are entirely ready for adult responsibilities. You do seem older than your years, but you should not be rushed into adulthood. I am sure your grandparents and others will understand this and will do their best to protect you from those who want to take your childhood away from you.

Enough of the advice! Everyone likes to give advice. You don’t have to listen to any of it, and advice isn’t really the reason I’ve written. You are in my thoughts and in the thoughts of millions of other people because the murder of your family has gone so deeply into so many people’s hearts. The list of atrocities carried out on Jews, not just in Israel but beyond, is very long. As a result, it’s easy to let them all blur together into one mass. But every so often one death or a group of deaths stands out and demands special attention.

One day there will be a memorial to the sacrifice your family made. People from far away may come to visit it. Photographs of it will appear in the press. But the true memorial will be you, an ordinary girl, with a torn heart and a wounded soul, going to school, going to shul, making friends, baking bread, sewing, cooking, reading, blushing when a certain young man comes to speak to you, going to Kever Yosef to marry him, giving birth to your first child.

I just mean to say that no-one expects from you heroic deeds, no-one wants you to have to shoulder resistance to all the evils you know better than most. It is your ordinary deeds, the day-to-day living of an ordinary life that are for the creators of horror the most painful thing of all, that Jews will continue to live on land sanctified by Jewish blood.

At the end of that recording made in Belsen, someone calls out ‘Am Yisrael Chai’. By living, the killers only bring eternal disgrace on themselves, their families, and everyone who shelters them. By living, you make clear to everyone that the People of Israel live, that their light will not be snuffed out, and that when your enemies have gone to dust and seen a darkness beyond measure engulf them, the light of the Jews will illuminate the nations. Grow and be happy and tell us what you see on your journey.

Denis MacEoin

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Haifa Maccabi vs the Golden State Warriors In Oakland tonight

The BDS'ers missed the boat on this one, and have been scrambling furiously to make up for lost time. The best they could    do was to crank out yet another petition,   which was largely ignored by all involved
I'm think- what was that again? Oh, yes. Its yet another "BDS  fail"

The failed petition contains the usual rant from the BDS-holes:
"The 2005 Palestinian civil society call for boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) calls for broad boycotts on Israel. In solidarity with the Palestinian BDS call, activists around the U.S. are calling on sports teams to boycott upcoming games with Maccabi-Haifa basketball team...There should be no sports as usual with ambassadors for Apartheid Israel!

With a sense of urgency, we ask you to boycott the exhibition game against Maccabi-Haifa, the Israeli team that you are scheduled to play. Israel is committing grave human rights abuses involving an elaborate system of racial apartheid which discriminates against the native Palestinians in violation of international law. Israel's abuses have been confirmed by the United Nations Security Council and the International Court of Justice. Israel has been convicted by the Russell Tribunal of the crime of apartheid. Nobel Laureate Desmond Tutu has described Israel's apartheid system as worse than the apartheid that existed in South Africa. Yet, despite worldwide condemnation, Israel not only refuses to dismantle its apartheid system, but it continues to expand and reinforce it." 

Here's a photo from tonight's game.  Maccabi James Thomas is  playing against Festus  Ezeli.    I'm not quite seeing the "crime of apartheid"  here .

Golden State Warriors' Brandon Rush goes up to shoot past Maccabi Haifa's Bryan Cohen during the first half of a preseason basketball game in Oakland, Calif., Thursday, Oct. 11, 2012. (AP Photo/George Niktin)

Florida-based billionaire Jeff Rosen, purchased the team in 2007 .   While visiting Haifa's sister city, Maccabi players and coaches  participated in a basketball clinic for San Francisco children., organized by the S.F.-based Jewish Community Federation’s Israel Center and the S.F. Recreation and Parks Department.  Simply evil.

 Alas. the Golden State Warriors beat Israel's Haifa Maccabi 108-100.

Emory University confronts its toxic legacy of Anti-Semitism

From the NY Times

Early in the summer of 1952, after his first year of dental school at Emory University in Atlanta, Perry Brickman received a letter from the dean. It informed him that he had flunked out.
Perry Brickman was among Jewish students who faced discrimination at Emory University’s dental school. His interviews with other such students formed the basis of a documentary.
Mr. Brickman was mystified. He had been a B-plus student in biology as an Emory undergraduate and had earned early admission to dental school. He had never failed a course in his life.
Over the next few weeks of that summer, Mr. Brickman found out that three of his classmates had also been failed. All of them happened to be Jewish. Yet instead of fighting back, Mr. Brickman and his friends searched for other dental schools and swallowed a shame that lasted decades.
Mr. Brickman taped interviews with many of the Jewish students, and that video became the foundation of a documentary, “From Silence to Recognition" by David Hughes Duke.

Its been over 60 years, but Emory University has finally apologized for anti-Semitism at its Dental School. John Buhler served as dean of the Dental School from  from 1948 to 1961. At that time,  Emory's application  designated prospective students as “Caucasian, Jew or Other.”  Quota limited Jewish admission to 4 students per year.   During  Buhler's tenure  65 percent of Jewish students were flunked out or forced to repeat courses.  All four Jewish students in Perry Brickman's  dental school class were gone within two years.  Brickman eventually went on to graduated  fourth in his class  from the University of Tennessee's dental school.

This week, some of the Jewish students forced out have been invited back to the school, to meet with Emory  President James Wagner, and to attend a screening of Perry Brickman’s documentary.

 From Kate Brumback,

"We knew individually and collectively what the truth was," Brickman said. "But the truth in a situation like this is never really validated until the perpetrator says sorry."
In one interview, former student Ronald Goldstein recalls the dean asking him, "Why do you Jews want to go into dentistry? You don't have it in the hands." Another, George Marholin, recalls a professor coming into a room cursing at him and calling him a "damn Jew."
"I'm sorry. We are sorry," Wagner said before a ballroom packed with several hundred people....

In 2006, Dr. Brickman went to an exhibition at Emory celebrating the 30th anniversary of the school's Jewish studies department. He was surprised to see panels about the discrimination at the dental school. The exhibition's curator, Professor Eric Goldstein, told Brickman he thought the school was ready to face the issue.

Still, Brickman wasn't sure he wanted to reopen that wound. But two years later, when an old friend and former classmate he hadn't spoken to in more than 55 years called him and said he still struggled every day with that pain, Brickman decided to do something. He contacted dozens of former students for interviews and showed them to Hauk, the university vice president. Hauk helped commission father-son documentary filmmakers John and David Hughes Duke to interview Emory administrators and turn them into a film along with Brickman's interviews.

After Wagner's apology and a screening of the film Wednesday night, some of the men and their families had tears in their eyes and expressed a feeling of relief and vindication, grateful the apology came while they're still alive.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Leader of 14 Friends of Palestine Endorses Greta Berlin's Anti-Semitism

Cross-posted at Bluetruth   Written by our friend, Drmike

Anyone reading this post is likely already familiar with the sordid story of Greta Berlin, the co-founder of the Free Gaza Movement, whose ships of fools have brought extensive amounts of humanitarian supplies such as expired medications and used shoes in PR stunts to support the Hamas regime in Gaza.  If not, the short of it is that Berlin has been outed for tweeting a link to a video by the late, unlamented British Holocaust denier Eustace Mullins which claimed that the Zionists were the ones responsible for murdering millions of their fellow Jews in Europe. And if that wasn't enough, posting a 1943 Nazi propaganda film to her Facebook page. And if that wasn't enough, coming up with multiple different explanations for what she did, none of which held up under further examination.  All of these contortions have been extensive documented by Avi Mayer in a first post and then in a followup (readers should continue to hit "read next page" as they scroll to the bottom of his posts).

Once Berlin had provided an irrefutable example of the darkness of anti-Semitism that exists in the core of the anti-Israel movement, others in the movement faced a choice. They could support Berlin, a tireless supporter of the right of Palestinians to try to destroy the Jewish state by any means necessary; or they could denounce her anti-Semitism either on politically expedient grounds or because they were truly disgusted by her overt Jew-hatred.  (Of course, the fact is that it is indeed anti-Semitic to oppose the right of the Jewish people-- and only the Jewish people-- to their own national self-determination, and and to deploy lies equating Israel with Nazi Germany and apartheid South Africa.)

The breakdown of the actors in this drama is interesting:  leading the charge against Berlin was Ali Abunimah,  whose Electronic Intifada blog promotes a so-called "one state solution" which would turn Israel, the West Bank and Gaza into the 24th Arab nation.  Once Abunimah had discredited Berlin's lame explanation that she had posted the Nazi film as part of a Facebook discussion group (he documented that said group did not exist), then others fell in line behind him. Even Jewish Voice for Peace, just as they waited for Abunimah to denounce the ex-Israeli Gilad Atzmon before taking a position on Atzmon's anti-Semitic droppings, only issued a statement cutting ties with the FGM once Abunimah had given them tacit permission. 

As of this posting, one member of the FGM advisory board, Naomi Klein, has resigned because of this. The remaining board members of the Free Gaza Movement have been strangely silent other than a statement on the FGM website distancing themselves from the post.  Of note the advisory board includes Noam Chomsky and Jeff Halper, both of whom use their Jewish identification as credentials to denounce Israel.  

On the Dark Side, in what should be a surprise to nobody, one of Berlin's staunch defenders is Atzmon, who himself links to Holocaust deniers and has left a lengthy trail of anti-Semitism across the internet, including such statements as calling burning down a synagogue "a rational act".  Paul Larudee, another flotidiot who also leads the International Solidarity Movement in northern California, also supports Atzmon.  And in genteel Marin County, there's a homegrown group of PWHI (People Who Hate Israel) called 14 Friends of Palestine; their spokesperson is a grandmotherly British lady named Jane Jewell.  Jewell appears to be on familiar terms with Atzmon, as this post on his blog shows (Atzmon himself goes amusingly ballistic here, saying about Abunimah "Yet, one would expect that after his recent failed attack on myself and my work, Kosher Commissar Ali Abuminah, would think twice before he allies himself with the darkest Zionist and Israeli Hasbara forces around.")

So Jane Jewell, busy with helping Free Gaza Movement board member Ann Wright (silent on Berlin's anti-Semitism) finds the time both to send a letter to Jewish Voice for Peace (presumably condemning their rejection of Berlin) and to put a supportive post on Atzmon's site.

Now in Marin County, 14 FOP has hosted events at the First Presbyterian Church in San Anselmo.  Will the church now dissociate itself from an organization led by an open supporter of anti-Semitism?  Stay tuned.