Sunday, August 19, 2018

UNRWA perpetuates the Palestinian refugee problem

Written by Jay Sekulow, in Foreign Policy  

UNRWA Has Changed the Definition of Refugee.  The U.N.'s agency for Palestinians should stop playing word games and do its job

UNRWA was founded in 1949 through U.N. General Assembly Resolution 302 at the conclusion of the Arab-Israeli conflict of 1948, aiming for “the alleviation of the conditions of starvation and distress among the Palestine refugees” from that conflict. The agency defines Palestinian refugees as “persons whose normal place of residence was Palestine during the period 1 June 1946 to 15 May 1948, and who lost both home and means of livelihood as a result of the 1948 conflict.”

In 1965, UNRWA changed the eligibility requirements to be a Palestinian refugee to include third-generation descendants, and in 1982, it extended it again, to include all descendants of Palestine refugee males, including legally adopted children, regardless of whether they had been granted citizenship elsewhere. This classification process is inconsistent with how all other refugees in the world are classified, including the definition used by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the laws concerning refugees in the United States.

Under Article I(c)(3) of the 1951 U.N. Convention and Protocol Relating to the Status of Refugees, a person is no longer a refugee if, for example, he or she has “acquired a new nationality, and enjoys the protection of the country of his new nationality.” UNRWA’s definition of a Palestinian refugee, which is not anchored in treaty, includes no such provision.

Sekulow concludes with a quote from Lt. Gen. Alexander Galloway,  1952 director of UNRWA in Jordan:
It is perfectly clear that Arab nations do not want to solve the Arab refugee problem. They want to keep it as an open sore, as an affront against the United Nations and as a weapon against Israel. Arab leaders don’t give a damn whether the refugees live or die.
Read this important article here, and ask yourself and your elected representative, why is America the number one funder of this travesty?
The USA is the top funder of UNRWA

Stop Hate at San Francisco State

San Francisco State has long been described as one of the most anti-Semitic universities in America.  The situation came to a rolling boil last year, leaving frustrated students to take out a lawsuit in Federal court, alleging that the University administration ignored abuses directed towards Jewish students on campus.

Take a minute and sign a petition organized by StandWithUs urging the SFSU leadership to protect Jewish,  Israeli and pro-Israel students on campus

The text of the petition follows:

To SFSU and CSU leadership,

For too long, Jewish students have faced unacceptable intolerance and hate at San Francisco State University (SFSU).

From protesters shouting down the Mayor of Jerusalem in violation of the First Amendment, to Hillel being actively excluded from a "Know Your Rights" fair, to an official SFSU department Facebook page opposing the inclusion of Zionists on campus, the climate for Jewish students at SFSU is deeply problematic. Some are even afraid to openly wear Jewish symbols on campus.

The Jewish community had petitioned the SFSU Administration for years to demand action, and while some progress has been made, administrators continue to drag their feet on a number of key issues. You have yet to make any official statement about the Know Your Rights Fair and have failed to remove offensive content posted on the official Facebook page of the Arab and Muslim Ethnicities and Diasporas (AMED) Studies Department.

The Jewish community deserves a safe learning environment, just like all other communities at SFSU. This includes the many Jewish students who believe in Israel's right to exist and see Israel as an important part of their identity.

As such, we call on you the leadership of SFSU and CSU to:

1. Make a clear statement condemning the exclusion of Hillel from the Know Your Rights Fair in February, 2017, as contrary to the values of the University.

2. Establish clear regulations stating that official SFSU department Facebook pages must adhere to university policy, and ensure that the Arab and Muslim Ethnicities and Diasporas (AMED) Studies Department removes its offensive Facebook post.

3. Make a clear statement that any effort to exclude and/or marginalize Jewish students and organizations based on their support for Israel's existence will not be tolerated at SFSU.

Please sign the petition here
Stop Intolerance and Hate at San Francisco StateWrite to San Francisco State and Demand Action Against Intolerance

Thursday, August 16, 2018

The Palestinian Alphabet

Is glorification of violence second nature to the Palestinians?   Gotta love the "Palestinian  Alphabet", suitable for framing and hanging in the littlest jihadi's nursery.

Its filled with images of  such childhood favorites as guns, grenades and bullets, and includes a map from the "river to the sea".

Another generation of Palestinian children is being poisoned by hate.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Jewish National Fund: Helping families affected by arson fires in Israel

As of this week

Hamas arson attacks in numbers:
 7413 acres of land burned  
1,364 fires caused by incendiary devices
10-12 million NIS worth of damage by arson attacks 
1,832 people have been treated for trauma.

These numbers increase each day.

Do you want to help?   The Jewish National Fund is leading a series of nationwide town hall events to learn more about the crisis, and about how the diaspora  community  can help.

As of now, there is nothing scheduled locally- we will let you know if that changes.

Fromm August 19 through August 30, the  Jewish National Fund invites you to learn the truth about the Gaza Border Crisis. In a series of town hall meetings across the country, you can hear first-hand from a mother, a young pioneer, and a farmer - residents of the Gaza border communities - who will share their personal stories of living under attack.

Sunday, Aug 19
Los Angeles
 Stephen S. Wise Synagogue
15500 Stephen S Wise Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90077
10am – 12noon

Monday, Aug 20
Ina Levine Jewish Community Campus
12701 N. Scottsdale Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85254  
6:30pm – 8:30pm

Tuesday, Aug 21 
Las Vegas
Temple Beth Sholom
10700 Havenwood Ln
Las Vegas, NV 89135
6:30pm – 8:30pm

Wednesday, Aug 22
Temple Sinai
3509 S Glencoe St
Denver, CO 80237
7:00pm - 9:00pm

Thursday, Aug 23
Beth Hillel Bnai Emunah
3220 Big Tree Lane 
Wilmette, Illinois 60091
6:30pm – 8:30pm

Sunday Aug 26
S. Florida
Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center
20400 NE 30th Ave
Aventura, FL 33180

Monday Aug 27
Washington DC
Charles E. Smith Day School
Upper School Campus
11710 Hunters Lane
Rockville MD 208527pm

Tuesday, Aug 28
Temple Israel of Boston
477 Longwood Ave
Boston, MA 02215

Wednesday, Aug 29
Southern NJ
Shirat Hayam
700 North Swarthmore Avenue, Ventor, NJ 08406

Wednesday, Aug 29
Temple Beth Hillel-Beth El
1001 Remington Road
Wynnewood, PA 19096

Thursday, Aug 30
New York
Park East Synagogue
164 East 68th Street, New York, NY 10021
8am – 10am

The JNF is also collecting donations here

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Israel's Lonah Chemtai Salpeter takes home the Gold!

Israel's Lonah Chemtai Salpeter has won the gold medal in the 10,000 meter run at the 2018 European Athletics Championships in Berlin. 

“This is really an honor to my country, an honor to my family and an honor for myself for the work that I’m doing,” declared Lonah.

Lonah has been living in Israel since 2008, arriving in the country to work at the Kenyan consulate.  A local track coach, Moti Mizrahi first discovered her running in a Herzilah park.

She later trained with coach Dan Salpeter,  who she eventually married.  They have a young son together.  She became an Israeli citizen in 2016. 

Friday, August 10, 2018

Gaza's newest luxury resort: The White Chalet

A new luxury resort, the White Chalet, has opened up in Gaza.  It features lush manicured lawns, a volleyball court, a swimming pool, and stunning architecture. 

White Chalet Luxury Resort Gaza

White Chalet Luxury Resort Gaza

White Chalet Luxury Resort Gaza

White Chalet Luxury Resort Gaza

Poolside dining at the White Chalet Luxury Resort,Gaza

Yet, just yesterday, Lynn Gottleib of the Rabbinic Council of Jewish Voice for Peace posted "Israel does not permit building materials to come into Gaza."

Lynn's not keeping up.

From Cogat:
Since the establishment of the Gaza Reconstruction Mechanism (GRM), over 6.5 million tons of construction materials have entered into the Gaza Strip. These building materials have helped the development of the construction sector in the Gaza Strip, where more than 100,000 housing units have been refurbished or renovated, and another 10,000 new units are currently in various stages of construction.

In spite of continued agression from Gaza, essential humanitarian aid and building supplies enter Gaza nearly every day.  What is not diverted by the Iranian funded Hamas terror group is used to  build homes, schools, civic infrastructure, and apparently luxury resorts.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

The Truth Optional World of Gaza's Dr. Basem Naim

Dr. Basem Naim is head of the Council on International Relations in Gaza , and the former minister of Health in Gaza.

He's among the top tier of Hamas.  He knows better. When he lies, he does so deliberately.


Today, Basem Naim tweeted out a photo of the instagram famous daughter of an American basketball player, claiming she was Bayan Abu Khammash, a toddler allegedly killed in an Israeli airstrike.  While the truth was struggling to get its pants on, the image went viral.

The "Ace" family,  who are active on social media have not yet issued a statement over the shameless misappropriation and exploitation of their child's image

This is not the first time Dr. Basem Naim has used his Twitter account to spread misinformation.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Another Jump the Shark Moment from JVP

The latest email from Jewish Voice for Peace's Deputy Directory Stefanie Fox may be a jump the shark moment for the anti-Israel group.  The subject line reads  "Why is the ADL training ICE in Israel?"  Maybe Stefanie is secretly hoping you don't bother to read the rest of her offering.  (Spoiler alert: they aren't)

Stephanie claims ICE has been learning techniques and tools from the Israeli military.  She doesn't care if Peter Edge was in Israel studying cyber-security or attempting to learn from Israel's remarkable sucess at curtailing human trafficking.  If it involves Israel, it must be made to be nefarious.  Stefanie Fox spews typical JVP vitriole:   "The real-world results of these trips have been Israeli & US officials sharing “worst practices” -- deportation and detention, shoot-to-kill policies, massive spying and surveillance -- that have become the go-to policies of agencies like ICE."    

Why the hyperbole?  Because 3 years ago, during the Obama administration the Deputy Associate Director of Homeland Security Investigations, one man,  Peter Edge joined a delegation to Israel sponsored by the ADL.

From Peter Edge's Linked in profile:

The ICE Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) directorate is a critical asset in the ICE mission, responsible for investigating a wide range of domestic and international activities arising from the illegal movement of people and goods into, within and out of the United States.
HSI investigates immigration crime, human rights violations and human smuggling, smuggling of narcotics, weapons and other types of contraband, financial crimes, cybercrime and export enforcement issues. ICE special agents conduct investigations aimed at protecting critical infrastructure industries that are vulnerable to sabotage, attack or exploitation.
In addition to ICE criminal investigations, HSI oversees the agency's international affairs operations and intelligence functions. HSI consists of more than 10,000 employees, consisting of 6,700 special agents, who are assigned to more than 200 cities throughout the U.S. and 47 countries around the world.

JVP claims to have made a FOIA request, but they aren't sharing the report.   JVP's not going to tell us, because their mission is to erode support, not only for Israel but for all Jewish institutions.  

One man from the Homeland Security Investigations team visits Israel during the Obama Administration,  3 years ago.  This is what JVP calls the "Deadly exchange."

For more information about the anti-Semitic undertones of JVP's Deadly exchange campaign, read Andrew Bennett's essay  The Antisemitism of the so-called Jewish Voice for Peace.

California Burns. Israel Burns

California faces its worse wildfire season ever, with hundreds of thousands of acres scorched, with homes and businesses destroyed, and lives tragically lost. Ten thousand miles away in Israel the fires burning have a different and terribly tragic twist- each of them was deliberately set by Hamas terrorists.

Photographs of this man-made tragedy are on display at the United Nation in New York until August 10, organized by Israel's Mission to the UN. The exhibit is called "The Effects of Arson Kites on the South of Israel.”

More photos of Israel's devastated southlands  are available at the Jerusalem Post

Sunday, August 5, 2018

In other BDS News: SodaStream shares skyrocket on 'most successful quarter' ever

Doug Henwood, writing for Mondoweiss (no, I don't link to hate-sites) once asked the question  SodaStream: is BDS hitting where it hurts?

The answer is a resounding NO.

The Israel-based company, the subject to BDS ire for daring to promote peaceful co-existence and engagement said sales of sparkling water makers increased 22 percent, to over 1 million during the quarter.   Sales of gas refill units grew 17 percent, to a record 9.7 million.

This week, SodaStream stock rose 26 % after its successful earnings report.

Profit spiked 78% to $1.14 a share on 31% revenue growth to $171 million, according to Zacks Investment Research. SodaStream earnings and sales crushed consensus for 71 cents a share and $149 million. It was the fourth straight quarter of accelerating sales growth.

The stock had its best day in over two years.

Empirical Evidence of BDS fail

In a note to investors SodaStream CEO Daniel Birnbaum wrote  "We are extremely pleased to be reporting the most successful quarter in our Company's history" 

Friday, August 3, 2018

Hamzeh Daoud resigns as Stanford RA

If Hamzeh Daoud assumed the outcry over his threatening posts would die down, he was wrong.

From Inside Higher Ed: After Threat of Violence, Calls to Fire RA

From the National Review: Stanford Student Threatens Violence against Pro-Israel Students
From Stanford's own school paper: A statement from SCR on Hamzeh Daoud’s threat

As of today, Hamzeh Daoud has since stepped down from his position as a resident assistant, to the relief of Jewish and Israeli students on campus.

Stanford University issued the following statement on Aug. 3, 2018.statement regarding Hamzeh Daoud Facebook post

We have heard many expressions of profound concern in recent days over the issues surrounding a Facebook post by a Stanford student scheduled to be a resident assistant (RA) in the upcom his staff position as an RA, expressing deep regret for the original post and recognizing the importance of promoting healing across the many communities that make up the Stanford 2018-19 academic year.

The university has been engaged with the student author of the post, and he has made the decision to step down from his staff position as an RA, expressing deep regret for the original post and recognizing the importance of promoting healing across the many communities that make up the Stanford community.

As we have said before but cannot emphasize strongly enough, threats of physical violence have absolutely no place in the Stanford community. Students must feel physically safe in our student residences and be able to voice their views on our campus without fear of retaliation. However, in addition to physical safety, it is essential that all students feel a deep and abiding sense of welcome and belonging in our campus community.

The effects of the original post have continued rippling through our campus community and beyond. There have been many expressions of concern for the safety of Jewish students at Stanford. There also have been expressions of concern at the social media campaigns, including death threats, which have been targeting the author of the post, along with concern for the well-being of other communities as they return to campus this fall. Staff in multiple parts of the university have been working over the last many days to check in with students and extend our support to them.

Daoud will be seeking therapy.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Going Postal: The latest BDS Fail

The latest BDS Fail will have the Israel haters going postal
This years Hanukkah stamp will be offered as a joint issue with Israel, with an Oct. 16 ceremony in Newport, R.I. It is based on a beautiful paper-cut design by Tamar Fishman.
According to the Postal Service:
“Fishman made a pencil sketch of the design then cut the two-dimensional image on white paper with a fine blade. She chose blue-purple and green papers for the background to highlight the central design. Behind the menorah is a shape reminiscent of an ancient oil jug that represents the heart of the Hanukkah miracle. Additional design elements include dreidels — spinning tops used to play a children’s game during the holiday — and a pomegranate plant with fruit and flowers.” 
The stamp designer is USPS art director Ethel Kessler