Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Petition urging California delegates to vote against divise anti-Israel resolutions

From Zioness:

This week's California Democratic Party Convention presents a historic opportunity to lead the nation in identifying the progressive issues that will be most pressing in the search for a Democratic nominee for president. In a time where marginalized communities are attacked, women's rights are suppressed, LGBTQ+ people are dehumanized, climate change science is denied, and corrupt federal judges are nominated to uphold bigotry and intolerance, it could not be more urgent that we come together to advance a bold, progressive agenda.
Unfortunately, there are individuals who claim to be allies but who are actually working around the clock to divide us, rather than to unite us. Certain groups have introduced six resolutions intended to encourage boycotts of, and otherwise target, Israel: the world's only Jewish state, and a safe haven for one of history's most enduring persecuted communities.
However well-intentioned, these resolutions are perceived by American Jews as an attack on our community, which has seen a terrifying uptick in antisemitic attacks in America and around the world; which overwhelmingly supports the progressive agenda; and which has stood on the forefront of social justice movements in this country since their inception.Anyone who wants to see these movements succeed understands that we must reject these attacks on the Jewish community by rejecting the demonization and delegitimization of Israel. By doing so, we protect the integrity of our progressive spaces and recommit ourselves to equality and human dignity for all people, including the Jewish people.
California Democrats are setting the agenda for the entire nation. There is simply too much to lose. We cannot––must not––allow anyone to exploit the convention platform to distract from the issues facing Americans and the work we must do to uplift and advance oppressed communities in our country.
Sign this petition to urge the California Democratic Delegates to vote against the divisive anti-Israel resolutions NOW.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Another Bay Area BDS Fail

I can only imagine the local BDS community sitting in their basement apartments, sipping their kombucha and taking deep cleansing breathes in an effort to self-soothe. Even in the San Francisco Bay Area, attempts to isolate Israel are failing.   New direct flights to Israel are being added,  attempting to keep up with the growing number of business and leisure travelers to the Holy land.

As seen in San Jose,  reported by the bloggers at S.F. Bay Pro Israel Counter Terrorist Unit

Throughout San Francisco Airportas well, there are signs promoting the new direct flights.

These signs might as well just say BDS Fail.

Protest at the San Francisco Consulate fizzles in the rain.

What if you called for an anti-Israel protest and no one came?

Thats what happened May 15.  Local Israel-hater Hassan Fouda hosted a commemoration of the "Nakba"- the failure of 7 Arab states to destroy the nascent state of Israel in May, 1948. The response was underwhelming.

Anti-Israel protest in front of the San Francisco Consulate
Hassan may have caught your attention with his fawning admiration for Raed Salah, the leader of the northern branch of the Islamic Movement in Israel, who has served time for incitement after spreading some classic blood libel. Salah's a Holocaust denier and conspiracy theorist,  but that doesn't bother Hassan.
Berkeley activist  Hassan Fouda and Raed Salah
Or perhaps  you've noticed him posing "as a Jew" at local protests.

Berkeley activist  Hassan Fouda posing  "as a Jew"
Hassan continued with his "faith-washing" on Wednesday.  His mini-protest carried a sign from Sabeel and Kairos,  Christian groups with unchristian values.  They seek the end of Israel as the nation state of the Jewish people.

The tiny group stood in the rain in front of the Israel Consulate at 456 Montgomery, largely ignored by those on the street. They vainly attempted to deliver a petition to the consulate, were turned away at the door,  and eventually slunk off, rejected, wet and ignored, down the street.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Palestinian Grand Mufti complicit in the deaths of European Jews

Congressperson Rashida Tlaib is now claiming her ancestors provided a safe haven for Jews fleeing the Holocaust. Its simply not true. The Arab leadership in pre-state Israel did all they could to prevent Jewish migration. The Grand Mufti personally prevented 10,000  children from entering the land, dooming them to certain death in Europe

From the Des Moines Tribune, April 26 1961, writing about the Eichmann trial and quoting notes from Dieter Wisliceny, one of Eichmann's former aides.

In 1937 there already was an intelligence connection between the SS and the mufti of Jerusalem, Wisliceny was quoted as having written.

The excerpts told of a visit by Eichmann to Palestine in 1937 and by the mufti to Germany in 1941 or 1942.

According to Wisliceny, the mufti received consent from Nazi authorities to have a Nazi adviser sent to him after the Axis' expected final victory.

When there was a plan in 1942 to free 10,000 Jewish children to let them go to Palestine the mufti objected according to Wisliceny.

The notes quoted Eichmann as reporting that objections from the mufti prompted SS chief Himmler to suspend the project and to rule that no Jew should be permitted to go to Palestine from German-occupied Europe

Records from the Eichmann trial show that the Grand Mufti was paid a salary of 50,000 marks a month to foment hate in the region.   Rather than provide the Jews of Europe with a safe haven, the Palestinian Grand Mufti was complicit in their deaths.

74% of those killed in Gaza last week were terror operatives

According to a recent report published by the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center, 74% of the casualties from last week violence in Gaza were members of terrorist groups

Of the 23 killed,  eight  were members of Islamic Jihad operatives, five were Fatah operatives, two Hamas operatives and one was a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine terror group.

Innocent civilians killed in Gaza

690 rockets were launched at Israel last weekend from Gaza.  In response,  the IDF targeted terrorist infrastructure, including weapons caches and operations rooms., many of which were located in personal residences.  Before the houses were attacked the IDF warned their occupants so they could leave.

Among the Gaza dead included Mahmoud Subhi Issa, 26.
Fawzi Abd al-Hamid Bawadi, 24
Muhammad Abd al-Nabi Armaneh, 30

Hamed Ahmed Abd al-Khoudary, 34, was killed in a targeted attack on his vehicle.  Al-Khoudary was responsible for transferring currency from Iran to terrorist organizations within Gaza.
Hamed Ahmed Abd al-Khoudary before
Hamed Ahmed Abd al-Khoudary after
Sadly, several innocents were killed within Gaza, as well. Saba Abu ‘Arar, a 14 month old toddler was killed when a rocket stored in her family home prematurely exploded. 

While many on social media tried to pin  \her death on Israel

other sources within Gaza admitted  the truth

Our prayers go out to the families of Israel, who have spent 36 hours under bombardment. We pray for their safety and the safety of the Palestinians who are also the unwilling victims of their extremist leaders. Above all we hope for the day when the Palestinian leaders lay aside their hatred, end the incitement and glorification of violence and reach out for peace with their neighbors in Israel.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Happy Birthday Israel

Happy 71st birthday to Israel, our miracle in the desert.

Remembering the 23,741 lives lost as we struggled to be a free people, back home in the land of our ancestors.

Here's how the events of May, 1948 were covered  across America.

We have history.  They have  "narrative"

Thursday, May 2, 2019

More repulsive antisemitism at San Francisco State University

SFSU is again living up to its reputation as one of the most difficult campuses in America for Jewish students.

Today,  vile signs have appeared throughout San Francisco State University, blaming anti-semitism on  "the occupation".

Do they really believe that there were no recorded incidents of anti-Semitism before 1967, or is this just another in a series of hate -filled message meant to intimidate and silence Jewish students?

Big fat lies from Marin's 14 Friends of Palestine

Fat chance we’d ever get the truth from Jane Jewell’s Marin-based group, 14 Friends of Palestine.

On their website,  the group spreads the egregious lie that “Israel restricts the amount of food going into Gaza, a ruthless and deliberate policy whereby the dietary needs of the Gazan people are chillingly calculated to keep the population alive at a near starvation level.”

It’s a complete falsehood.

There are no restrictions on food going into Gaza, and Gaza farmers export agricultural products to the Middle east and Europe.  Rather than facing starvation, obesity is becoming a public health priority in Gaza. Gaza's stores, and restaurants are filled with luscious offerings

Gaza exports agricultural products.  “Strawberries are an important source of income in Gaza for Palestinian farmers and their families,” said the Israeli Defense Ministry’s Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) unit, which facilitates the exports. “The export and sale of strawberries from the Gaza Strip has yielded revenues of about 13m NIS so far this harvest season, a 290% improvement over last year,” 

Rather than a population kept at “near starvation levels”, peer reviewed medical literature documents the Palestinians' struggle with Western rates of obesity.  

An article published earlier this year  (PLoS One. 2019 Jan 25) Epidemiology of coronary artery disease and stroke and associated risk factors in Gaza community found

The overall obesity in our study was found to be 47.8%, with higher prevalence in females (60.2%), the mean BMI was 30.35. It is in line with previous study performed in urban Palestinian population of Ramallah, describing an obesity prevalence up to 41% (49% and 30%) in females and males respectively.

The cross-sectional study covered 5 Gaza governorates,  both urban and rural.

An earlier article,  Obesity and overweight: prevalence and associated sociodemographic factors among mothers in three different areas in the Gaza Strip-Palestine, published in BMC Obesity concluded:
The prevalence of obese and overweight cases among women is high. Obesity is a serious public health problem in the Gaza Strip and must be emphasized because the trend is continuously increasing.

A glance at Gaza's social media proves beyond a doubt that there are no restrictions on food entering Gaza,  and that there is no current risk of "starvation".

From the Facebook page of Gaza's Al Jayyar for chocolate

Starving Gaza? Al Jayyar for Chocolate

Starving Gaza? Al Jayyar for Chocolate
Just what does Jane Jewell think is being restricted?

Photos from the buffet at Gaza's Almathaf, proudly displayed on their facebook page

Starving Gaza?  The Buffet at the Almathaf

Starving Gaza?  The Buffet at the Almathaf

Starving Gaza?  The Buffet at the Almathaf
Is it ignorance, or are Jane and her friends just big fat liars? Your guess is as good as mine.

Jane Jewell. Photo from Washington report on Middle east Affairs