Friday, December 2, 2016

Are you ready for IsrAction Day, December 18, 2016?

Please consider participating in this great initiative- truly a triple mitzvah- from StandwithUs:
JOIN US for IsrAction Day, December 18, 2016!
StandWithUs is partnering with North West Friends of Israel and Sussex Friends of Israel for the 3rd annual IsrAction Day 2016 in an effort to fight BDS and win BIG (Buy Israeli Goods).
Launching this year on December 18, IsrAction Day is an International grassroots campaign where people buy Israeli goods in local supermarkets and donate the purchases to the needy in their community. It accomplishes its three major goals: people are able to stand up for Israel, fight BDS and support local communities.

Purchases can be dropped off at local collection centers or to directly to the selected charity. Photos and videos can be uploaded to the IsrAction Day 2016 FaceBook group and website.

IsrAction Days in Northern California will be December 18th and 19th!
StandWithUs Northern California drop off locations for your donations:

Temple Beth Abraham, Oakland: Dec 19 10a-4p
Congregation Kol Shofar, Tiburon: Dec 18 8:30a-noon and Dec 19 10a-4p
Congregation Beth Ami, Santa Rosa: Dec 19 10a-4p
Congregation Sinai of
San Jose California has joined us as well as a drop off location! Dec 18th from 9a-6pm and Dec 19th from noon-4pm!

You can find non-perishable Israeli food at Trader Joes. (Harvest grains and Israeli couscous), at Safeway and Luckys in the kosher aisle. Mollie Stones in Greenbrae and in Palo Alto has a great variety of Israeli foods.  Many of the small Arab grocers also proudly carry Israeli food, and have faced harassment and vandalism because of it.  The Berkeley Bowl (both stores) also carries Israeli products.

Lets us know where you buy Israeli products, and be sure to photograph your haul and post it here

Helping Israel. Helping our community. Whats not to love?

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Anonymous said...

Just a few more days until Israction Day in Northern California!
Places to purchase Israeli items in our region:
Lucky’s (all over)
Trader Joe’s (all over)
Safeway (all over)
Raley’s (all over)
Ranch 99 (all over)
Mollie Stones (all over)
Parkside Market, San Francisco
Oakland Kosher
Berkeley Bowl
Zands, Albany
Crossroads Specialty Foods, Palo Alto
Milk Pail Market, Mountain view
Oakmont, Cupertino
Pars Market, Los Gatos and San Jose
Foothill Produce, Los Altos