Sunday, December 18, 2016

Arabs honor the killer of Jews with an anti-violence event

Last October, a horrific terror attack on an Israeli bus left two dead and three hospitalized  with gunshot wounds. The combined shooting and stabbing attack  took place on Egged bus 78.
The two terrorists were shot by security forces. Baha Alyan, 23,  was killed at the scene.
This week, in Nazareth, Alyan was honored with....wait for anti-violence initiative.
Nazareth, the largest Arab-Israeli city, recently held a pro-reading and anti-violence event for children in honor of a Palestinian terrorist who murdered Israelis in Jerusalem last year.
On December 10, the city, in conjunction with Inma’a Association for Democracy and Capacity Building, held its “Nazareth reads” event, which saw hundreds of children sit and read in a line that stretched from the plaza of the Spring Square within Nazareth’s old city until the Church of the Annunciation, according to Palestinian Media Watch, which first reported the event in English...
Saeb Masawrah, the local Nazarene who came up with the idea for the human reading chain in his city, told the Arab-Israeli news site Arab48, “We saw fit to establish the largest and longest chain of readers in the city of Nazareth as a completion of the message of Martyr Baha Alyan who came out of Jerusalem. We are gathering here in order to emphasize our unity as Arabs everywhere, and we will complete the message in all of the Arab cities and villages,” according to a translation by Palestinian Media Watch.
It is unfortunately quite common for the cold blooded murderers of Jews to be honored at all levels of Palestinian society

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