Tuesday, May 3, 2016

NGO Monitor Uncovers Jewish Voice for Peace's Hidden Financial Network

Ever wonder who would support this?

Thanks to NGO Monitor, now we have an answer. (And no, for the most part, its not the Jewish community)

In mapping JVP's funder/enablers, NGO Monitor accessed financial information
available through public IRS documents, as well as independent research into
individual foundations. NGO Monitor was able to identify the origins of much
of JVP's budget ($1.4 million in 2014); the rest remains secret.

"JVP's funders enable a variety of publicity stunts and counterproductive
campaigns, with the goal of provoking the American Jewish community,
immorally demonizing Israel, and shielding BDS groups from criticism,"
stated Professor Gerald Steinberg, president of NGO Monitor. "While some of
JVP's donors clearly know what they are supporting, others, it appears, do
not understand the damaging impact of their donations."

NGO Monitor's research showed that Rockefeller Brothers Fund ($140,000 in
2015) and Firedoll Foudation ($25,000 in 2014) were among the largest
donors, as were a number of public charities, including the Schwab
Charitable Foundation ($158,800 in 2014), and the Tides Foundation ($49,477
in 2014).

Some of these donors also support other groups leading the political warfare
against Israel.

In 2015, Rockefeller Brothers Fund funded American Friends Service
Committee - AFSC ($50,000), Middle East Policy Network (Al-Shabaka)
($100,000 for 2 years) and Grassroots Jerusalem ($50,000), all of which
promote anti-peace BDS campaigns. RBF also funds Zochrot ($20,000 in 2015),
an Israeli NGO that calls for a "de-Zionized" one-state formula, effectively
dismantling the Jewish State.

Read the whole report here

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Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

hardly surprising the tides foundation was started in san francisco and has received financial support for the wealthy kapo george sorros.