Saturday, September 19, 2015

We get stalked!

Thanks to BH for sharing this.

Seems that even our tiny local blog is not immune from harassment and stalkers.

Its all part of a well orchestrated and directed effort to shut down dissenting voices. 

We'd been thinking about closing up shop- in the age of mobile, blogs are a lumbering old dinosaur, and there are better, faster ways to communicate with further reach.

But if the likes of Sylvia Posadas are stalking us across the big wide ocean, maybe there is still a need for our contributions.

Stay tuned.


Mardukhai said...

Don't stop blogging -- it's important because people need more than a tweet to report the full story.

Anonymous said...

Please don't stop blogging, you are so badly needed. Blog less, get a partner, but please don't stop.

Anonymous said...

Every blog helps to destroy the lies pushed by the Fascist Left and Islamofascism.

Karen K said...

Sylvia Posadas is an Australian blogger who tweets under @jinjirrie. She is a nasty anti-semite with has a dozen sock-puppet accounts and regularly stalks Zionist accounts.
Apparently she is an agorophobic shut-in whose life revolves around social media. Not surprising she's harrassing you, now.

Anonymous said...

Sylvia Posadas keeps dossiers on pro-Israel activists. She is one sick puppy. I don't know whose payroll she is on.