Thursday, September 17, 2015

Ari Shavit: Only Love Can Win the Battle for Israel

"Our grandparents, parents and siblings have performed miracles in this land. It’s our responsibility not to let these miracles slip into the depths."

Beautiful essay from Ari Shavit in Haaretz

I actually love you, my homeland; it’s a painful, complex, but stubborn and deeply rooted love. I love Israel because it’s my home. I was born here, became who I am here and it’s here that I will die.

I love Israel because it is the third and last home of the Jewish people, which has contributed so much to humanity, has suffered so much at its hand and has a right to a place of its own. I love Israel because despite everything it is still a democracy that grants its Arab citizens rights and freedoms that no Arab nation grants any man, woman or minority. I love it because it is a unique enterprise that rescues the persecuted, rehabilitates refugees and shelters the displaced like few others.

I love Israel because it is warm, smart, lively, passionate, creative, dynamic, full of infinite talents and afflicted with a constant restlessness that makes it one of the most fascinating nations on earth. I love it because it’s the land of those who rose from the dead and were threatened with death and chose life. For me it is a remarkable phenomenon of life.

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