Sunday, September 6, 2015

Cymru loves Israel. Israel loves Cymru

Scenes of light and love from todays Wales/ Israel EURO 2016 group B qualifier at Cardiff City Stadium

Photos from North West friends of Israel

From Israel in the UK

And from Daniel Jacobs- Mincha at half-time

Hatikvah and Israel flags, posted by our friend Simon Cobbs. Check out that ruach!

In response to the inevitable voices protesting the most egalitarian and diverse team in the Middle East Arieh Miller, executive director of the Zionist Federation, declared:
 “We are here to celebrate an incredible football game between Israel and Wales and welcome the Israeli national team and the fans from Israel to this amazing city.

“We feel the match has the ability to go over and above politics. If some individuals - a small, very vocal minority - choose to bring politics into sport, that really is shame.

“The Israeli national team is the only team in the Middle East where you have Jews, Muslims and Christians all playing side by side with the same shirt in the same colours for the same manager and the common cause of beating their opponents.

“Unfortunately, those protesters are trying to silence that coexistence and cooperation when in actual fact that’s the exact message we should all be promoting for peace.”

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