Monday, August 10, 2015

The Bay Area unites to say no to a nuclear Iran

We have a few short weeks left to stop the Iran deal

Bay area activists, Dr. Lenny Kristal, Ruvim Braude, Rosalind Frankel and John  Rothmann have drafted a statement that calls upon our elected representatives in Congress to reject the agreement.  In just a few days, hundreds have added their names 

This has run as an advertisement in the Aug. 10 edition of the J Weekly, northern California’s weekly Jewish news publication.

A Facebook page, Bay Area Says Vote No On Iran Nuclear Agreement  has been created, and the statement is now there in the form of a petition.  Please "like" the page, and add your name to those gathered in solidarity  in opposition to this deal.

For more about this initiative, please see

CA Bay Area: Ground Zero of the Left takes on Iran Deal

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Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

ya know we've got this record of weakness when it comes to dealing with iran that goes back all the way to jimmy carter. but more recent middle east blunders continued that legacy of weakness. probably most notably the invasion of Iraq which never should have happened and the mishandled war and "nation building" efforts in the crap hole known as afganistan. cleary they both served to embolden iran because as we've floundered in theses quagmires iran has become more belligerent especially as they see the American people having no stomach for another sustained military campaign in the middle east. no U.S. president has ever dealt with iran in the decisive way that was needed. despite the sanctions this crap with the nuclear deal is just another symptom of that weakness iran sees when they look at America. it's sad that Obama and Kerry just don't seem to understand that.