Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Repulsive racism from Anna Baltzer

Meet Ilana Kaufman,  a self described "black, gay professional Jew" 

From the Forward, Ilana writes

I’m about as mainstream as we come. My family lights Sabbath candles and belongs to a synagogue. My daughter goes to religious school and Jewish summer camp. I even grow etrogs in my backyard. My community is mostly Jewish — and many, many are black like me.

Ilana is the JCRC San Francisco Bay Area’s Public Affairs and Civic Engagement Director. She reflects the diversity of the Bay area, and of the larger Jewish community 

Its just one of many reasons that Anna Baltzer's  (aka Anna Piller aka Anna Nardie)  quip about the  "white supremacy" of the Jewish Community Relations Council is so repugnant.  Anna is the head of the extremist US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation - a group that denies Jewish ties to the land of Israel.

In her thoughtless, senseless and racist attack on the JCRC, Anna belittles and marginalizes the contributions of all Jews of color, including Ilana Kaufman.

Repulsive racism from Anna Baltzer

From the JCRC mission statement

JCRC envisions a more just society by sustaining a strong and vibrant Jewish community in the United States and in Israel, and by enhancing that strength through collaboration with other communities.

Toward this end, JCRC's mission is to educate and advocate on issues of vital importance to the organized Jewish community based on consensus, civility and an expanded commitment to living Jewish values of social justice.


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

that sign is basically a cry for help from somebody who's desperately seeking the attention she didn't get as a young child. clearly she's still grappling with those deep issues she should get some help for that.

Anonymous said...

anna baltzer speaks for fascist socialism.

AKA socialist hitler and socialist stalin non-aggression pact.

Anonymous said...

What exactly is Anna's Baltzer's deal, it seems like every time I see her easy to remember name mentioned it's related to something somewhat shady and unnecessarily malicious. Why does she need so many pseudonyms?

Dusty said...

It has been reported that Anna changed her name because her family did not approve of her anti-Israel activism

Melody M said...

Its true, Dusty. There is an on line genealogy of the Piller family- by Anna Baltzer Piller Nardie's name it says Israel hater. I bet she doesn't get invited to many family reunions,

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Anna Piller / Anna Baltzer/ Anna Nardie just moved to Alameda. And if people expected that the local anti-Israel activity would ratchet up now that this Israel hater is in the neighborhood, they were mistaken. She's so embarrassed about what she does that she doesnt show up to local events- even, for example the Michael Yoshi crap at just blocks from her home.

I don't get it. Maybe she's just paid to be a Jewish face on an anti-Israel group (Jew-washing) and she doesn't actually do anything.

Any theories?

Anonymous said...

Anna Piller Nardie Balzer's Facebook page takes GREAT pains to conceal what she's been up to for much of her adult life.

Not a word about her campaign to destroy the nation state of the Jewish people.

Former Administrative Director at Camp It Up!
Former Teacher/Director's Assistant at Academy des Langues
Former English Instructor at Middle East Technical University
Former English Instructor at Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey
Former Office Assistant at Columbia University Urban Planning Department
Studied Teacher's Education at Middle East Technical University
Studied Turkish language at Hacettepe Üniversitesi
Studied Mathematics/Economics at Columbia University in the City of New York
Studied at Centro Bilingue Amerindia Escuela de Espanol
Studied at Goethe Institut - Munich, Germany
Studied French at Lycee International Stendhal
Went to Johnston High School
Lives in Alameda, California
From Albany, California
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