Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Dinosaur City Opens in Gaza

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Gaza has a new theme park. Opening last month, Dinosaur city is part of Sharm park, located just south of Gaza city.  Life-like animatronic dinosaurs that move and growl fill the park to the delight of the children of Gaza. There are already plans to expand the park.
Dinosaur City in Gaza

Dinosaur City In Gaza

From Al-Monitor:

Abdallah Joudeh, the park’s manager and guide, told Al-Monitor that the main purpose of building the theme park was to establish a link between what students learn in school and an entertaining experience. He said that Dinosaur City was developed after a number of engineers saw similar projects around the world. The dinosaurs were designed in Gaza and ordered from China. 

Adults pay seven shekels (around $2) and children pay three shekels (around $1) to enter the park.

The 25 mile long coastal enclave already boasts two other theme parks- Asdaa City and Kids Land  

Dinosaur city in Gaza

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Gary Fouse said...

I can't wait until the next round of fighting and the world-wide condemnation when the Israelis bomb it.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

how many times have you heard leftists compare gaza to a Nazi concentration camp? too many times to count. ironically the radical left have almost as much in common with Nazism as do jihadists like ISIS with their fanatic ideology, anti-Semitic attitudes and Nazi BDS tactics.

Anonymous said...

gaza is a modern day 1943-1945 fascist berlin - with the same annihilationist, jew hating, America hating, imperialist, socialist ideology running it to utter ruin.