Saturday, July 11, 2015

BDS threats force Cancellation of Irish Dance Competition

Its a new low for the BDS holes- terrorizing little children and their families. Again, it has become apparent the "B" in the BDS Movement stands for bullying.

From The Creative Community for Peace

The first ever Irish dance competition in Israel has been canceled due to threats by supporters of the cultural boycott campaign.

Sadly, they are not the only ones to receive threats. Salif Keita, Macy Gray, Eric Burdon, and Paul McCartney have also noted receiving threatening messages from boycott supporters.

This could have been a beautiful event, providing a space for the people of Ireland and Israel to learn about one another and to learn from one another. While we certainly appreciate that the safety of their dancers is their foremost concern, we hope the Carey Irish Dance Academy will see through the threat tactics, and reconsider their decision to cancel, instead standing up for artistic freedom and against cultural boycotts.

Read more about the bullying tactics of the BDS Movement here:
Threatening Messages to Teachers, Parents and Students Force Cancellation of Irish Dance Groups Trip to Israel

Irish Dance Festival in Israel Canceled After Palestinians Threaten Dancers, Teachers

The Facebook page of the distraught  Irish Feis posted this announcement:

How can you help?

Sign the CCP  Anti-Boycott Petition and tell artists around the world you support their performances in Israel:

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Gary Fouse said...

Typical Brown Shirt Nazi tactics.

Tanzt nicht bei Juden.