Thursday, August 18, 2011

This is getting to be a thing, with the Russians

Per CAMERA's Snapshot blog, there is some question about whether this is still up. I now find it 'edited'.

Adam Holland located it.

The Rev. Vicki Gray writes, for the Episcopal News Service:

“Almost amusingly, Rabbi Daniel Sperber of Tel Aviv's Bar-Ilan University reportedly told the conference not to worry … "the churches are full" thanks to Filipino guest workers and 50,000 Christians who have immigrated from the former Soviet Union. These latter "Christians," he failed to note, are for the most part Soviet "Jews" who have made aliyah to Israel and brought with them racist, fascist attitudes that have given rise to neo-Soviet policies that would discriminate against Palestinians and Filipinos alike and, in the process, threaten Israeli democracy.”

The date is late July of this year.

This casual bigotry against Russian Israelis is fascinating, isn't it? I'd ask what this stemmed from, but it's pretty clear what this stems from.


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